'Till The End Of Time

Sophie is a regular sixteen year old,
Unless if you count her as one if regular sixteen year olds have interest in democracy, history class and Miss. Garcia's lectures. Sophie never had a boyfriend before but she doesn't want one. She wants to focus on becoming a Broadway star. She auditions for a lead roll in Cinderella and her one and only crush might be Prince Charming
Read to find out.


1. Chapter One

"Good morning class." Miss. Garcia said in a gloomy voice. "Today we are going to do some improve. So I will choose to students, the will go up to the stage and I will read a description."

Typical Monday morning, raining of course common Vancouver weather. We could hear the rain falling on the window panes. Its pretty cool in class, because of the rain.

I really dislike improve. Yes I do like acting but... I hate it when you have to do it on the spot. Its very terrifying, sweaty palms, shaky knees, stumbling on words. Its a lot to handle even if you only need to present it in front the class. I prefer acting in musicals thats what makes the story come to life. Someday I hope I'd be an actress on a Broadway musical.

"Do you all understand." Miss. Garcia said in a stern voice.

"Yes Miss. Garcia." The class says at once yet in a very mopey voice. I do not even know if I missed anything, I hate when I get too lost in my thoughts.

"Okay lets see..."

Please not me please not me Please not me please not me.

" Jake and..." She says scanning through the class " Why don't you go Miss Flynn."


I always had a crush on Jake but he never really noticed me. It wasn't really a big deal. Okay maybe it was a big deal. His kind eyes, full lips, dark hair and the way he is passionate about acting.

I get off of my char slowly and make my way up the stairs to get on the mini wooden stage. Every step Jake and I made caused a creak which made me even more terrified. Also the fact that I was acting with the one and only Jake Carson. I hope I do not get an embarrassing part.

"Sophie you'll be playing the part of homeless British girl and Jake you'll be playing a wealthy news paper writer. It takes place in London, England. You two already met when you were in high school. Remember there are no limits and no rules. Action!"

When she said action I kind of did a jump because she said it so loud. I got on my knees and acted like I was begging for some spare change. Jake walked up to my and held his hand for me to stand up.

"It's not safe out here, why are you here?"

Avoid eye-contact. Oh never mind.

I try not to break out of character as I speak. "For I have no place to stay. My parents kicked me out of their house because they had financial problems." I start to make a face when people are about to cry.

" Wait is that you? Celine?"

"Yes, how do you know my name?"

"Its Max, you went to prom with me. I was your girlfriend for two years."

His face was about two inches apart from mine.

I made a confused face.

"Im sorry I don' think I know you."

"Please remember me, I miss you. Without you my life has been terrible. Please, I didn't tell you this in high school but I am in love with you and I still am."

He starts to fake cry which was very believable.

"Maybe this will remind you." He said in a softer tone.

His face came closer and closer and...

He kissed me very gently I kissed him back, because I had a very good excuse. It gave me shivers down my spine. I can't believe this is happening. Few seconds later we break the kiss and everyone started to clap. I flush mostly because I kissed my crush in front of the class and teacher.

"Bravo! Bravo! Well done! I recommend that you two audition for the lead rolls in our next musical. Cinderella." Miss. Garcia hugs us. Well that is defiantly new. I roll my eyes when she was not looking.

"Greats acting Sophie." He smiled.

"You too, the crying was pretty believable." I say smiling like an idiot. I stop talking so I don't say anything embarrassing.

"See you around Sophie."

That just made my day

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