You saved me

I was an 16 yer old with a bad past, I cut and get bullied in my last year at school one day I was going to give up until I met him... Harry styles


1. giving up

Isabella's P.O.V

Another pointless day of school, it is my death hole.

I am so glad that it's my last year as I will of given up but my brother/best friend Seth is trying to save me from all this abuse from home as he is 3 years older he goes to collage but is planing on becoming my guardian so my parents can not hurt me again.

(Seth bold izzy small)

"Hey baby sis you ready for school"

"You know I'm not Seth can I not just skip the day with you big bro please"

"You know that I would but if mum and dad found out the would hurt you even more if they found out please for me and if you go I will take you to that meet and greet for one direction"

"Okay but only if you take me and if I can sleep at your tonight please"

"Okay I agree I will get mum to say yes we'll your at school baby sis"

And after we had finished are little argument Seth had arrived at school and today I am dressing as I popular girl in school said she would beat the crap outbid me and there Meant to be a new girl in school today I think her name was Jessica Tomlinson but I not think she will like me and probably be the same as everyone else in that school bully me.

When I got to my form there was a new girl and her name was Jessica but she came over to me and tried to start a convocation with me

(Jess bold izzy small)

Hi my names Jessica but my friends call me Jess what's your name and why are sat by your self

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