Accidental Miracle

It's bad enough that Amber got pregnant, but when her mom finds out her life turns into hell. To make it worse, she find out her and Zayn aren't having just one baby, they're having twins. When her ex comes back, will she stay with Zayn or go with her ex?


15. overdose

"Babe! You'll never guess who I saw today!!"

"Who baby?"

"I saw Spencer!!" Say with a giant smile on my face.

"I thought he was gone like forever."

"I thought that too. I invited him over. You don't min do you?"

"No babe it's cool. I wanna see him too."


"Spencer!" I say when he arrives.

"Yes love it's me." He says in his British accent.

"So how do you two know each other?" Morgan asks.

"Well, he used to be my neighbor," I start. "We were best friends, but then one day...." My voice trails off.

"One day," spencer starts "I was being dumb with these guys who I thought were cool. They were messing around shooting heroin. They have me a needle an I overdosed."

It's my turn now. "The doctors told us that he was in a coma and would not survive. I didn't believe him and I sat by his side every day." Tears staining my face. When he came to, I had to leave. We were leaving London."

He starts, "I told her that when I was better I would find her. And I did." He smiled at me and I smiled back.

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