Accidental Miracle

It's bad enough that Amber got pregnant, but when her mom finds out her life turns into hell. To make it worse, she find out her and Zayn aren't having just one baby, they're having twins. When her ex comes back, will she stay with Zayn or go with her ex?


8. names

On the ride home I think of names. I know Zayn likes the names Jasmine and Harley so I work with those two right now.

"Zayn, how about the name Jasmine Marie Malik if they're girls and Harley James Malik if they're boys?" I ask him.

"Those names are perfect!" He says as he grabs my hand. I find myself with my hand on my stomach and for once I am happy I'm pregnant.


I call my mom and tell her about the babies. We've started talking again but not like before. When I tell her I'm having twins she says "yay! Two kids for Grammy to spoil." That makes me laugh. I'm happy these babies are mine, Even though they were unexpected.


The next day we tell our friends the news. They are all ecstatic even though Lexi already knew. I don't wish that I didn't get pregnant anymore. I just wish that my little miracles are safe. My unexpected miracles.

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