Accidental Miracle

It's bad enough that Amber got pregnant, but when her mom finds out her life turns into hell. To make it worse, she find out her and Zayn aren't having just one baby, they're having twins. When her ex comes back, will she stay with Zayn or go with her ex?


4. how will he react.

I walk out of the bathroom crying. Lexi tries to comfort me but it's not working. All that's going through my head is how I'm going to tell Zayn and my parents. When I have no more tears left I call Zayn and I tell him that we need to talk. He says he's on his way over and I think of how to tell him.

When he finally arrives we don't hug. I ask Lexi to go into the other room so we have privacy. I look at Zayn trying to figure out what to say.

"Zayn, remember a couple days ago? Well I think the condom broke because I'm pregnant." I finally say, expecting him I be mad.

He looked at me ad eventually said "This is awesome Amber! We'll have our own family!" I looked at him confused because I thought he would be mad. He embraced me in his warm hug and kissed me while he rubbed my stomach. Now how am I going to tell my parents?

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