Accidental Miracle

It's bad enough that Amber got pregnant, but when her mom finds out her life turns into hell. To make it worse, she find out her and Zayn aren't having just one baby, they're having twins. When her ex comes back, will she stay with Zayn or go with her ex?


16. doubts and broken water.

"You overdosed? Dude..." Said Harry

"Yea I did I was stupid back then. I should have listened when Amber told me those guys were bad news." Spencer said with a chuckle.

"Awe spencer I'm jut glad you're alive." I looked him in the eyes and I felt a spark.

No I didn't feel a spark, I couldn't have felt a spark. I'm with Zayn, I love him. But I felt what I felt, how could I deny this?


I decided to ignore that feeling for the longest I could, but every time I saw spencer I got the feeling again. I started to question whether Zayn and I were right for each other. We had to be, we are having twins together. My mind tells me I love Zayn, but my heart tells me different.


"Oh my god Zayn! The babies just kicked" I yelled.

"No way! Let me feel" said spencer like I was talking to him.

"Umm I'll feel first. I am the dad." Zayn said as he shot spencer a look.

"Okay man. No need to get upset." Said spencer.

Zayn got up and placed his hand on my pregnant belly. He looked at me surprised when the twins kicked again. "Baby they love you" Zayn said.

"They love both of us dummy" I laughed and kissed Zayn.

"I bet they love you more" replied Zayn.

"Whatever" I chuckled. I love Zayn and whatever is going on with spencer is not real. Whatever I feel about spencer is my pregnancy hormones. I kissed Zayn again before I stand up. When I finally manage to stand up with my enormous belly, I feel liquid trickle down my leg.

My water just broke.

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