The Mind of a Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter cordially invites you to read this tale of amusing events concerning a particular team of Superhumans, their Director, Herself, Her Sister, Her Mafia.
And Her Extremely Messed Up Mind.
I own nothing!


5. Westminster

It took a total of 3 hours to get from New York to London on the Helicarrier, even though Tony complained that the Quinjet would've been faster, Hill stood her ground and threatened to call in Pepper, which had the Genius Billionaire Philanthropist retreating to a lab, dragging his Science Bro behind him.

After that incident The Avengers split up to prepare themselves, Hawkeye and Widow went to the training rooms to spar, Thor went to the "Feasting Hall" To gouge himself out on Poptarts, Steve went to his room to go reacquaint himself with today's culture, Tony and Bruce were trying not to blow up the Helicarrier (again) while they were mixing substances in the Lab.

After those 3 hours were over and waiting another hour to get permission from MI6 to allow SHIELD and The Avengers to go out onto the streets of London, most of the Helicarrier and The Avengers (minus Banner and Tony) disembarked to search the streets of London for the AWOL Director, with Hill, Coulson, a few SHIELD members  and the Science Bros remaining to continue efforts of an electronical scale, however with no clue as to where the Director was, The entire team had to do it the old-fashioned way; Asking.

When they hit the ground, Steve started to give out orders, "Alright! Thor! Hawkeye! Take the rooftops, even if Fury has been taken, there may be clues to his location, Widow! You go around the stores, their cameras may have caught something. I'll ask around to see if the locals caught anything." With an affirmative on all channels the team started following their orders.

Hours later and no sign of Wonderland or Fury, the team turned in, when Stark's voice burst through the fog of exhaustion, for he was, cackling like the mad scientist he was; "WE FOUND HIM! WE FOUND THAT AWOL SOAB! GET DOWN HERE EVERYONE! WE FOUND HIM!!!" All of them were now on the alert, they gathered their respective weapons and darted toward The Lab. Where Hill, Coulson and the Bros, looking like kids at Christmas, were waiting.

Everyone gathered, the Captain and Hill turned to Stark and gave him a look that pleaded "You better have something, please tell me you have something!"  To which he replied "Hill, Agent, Point Break, Legolas, Capsicle, Natashalie, The Science Bros. present to you, Fury's Location." As he spoke the table lit up a hologram and on it appeared many famous places, like Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament among others, then in an alley, appeared a miniature Black eye-patch to which Banner pointed and commentated "This is where Fury is, and by the way, Stark chose the Icons." That received a low murmur of laughter, "And here, is us." The holo-map suddenly shrank in size, the buildings becoming smaller, the Eyepatch larger, until it was not the only Icon on the map, then the shrinking stopped, for on the other side of the map another Icon had appeared, a Pink Bald Eagle, carrying only a file marked; Classified and a Shield, above it were several other Icons, to which Tony Commentated;


Cap? Your icon is the same as your Shield, but Blue so it shouldn't be too hard to miss,

Point Break? Yours is the White Lightning Bolt, for obvious reasons,

Nat? Your Icon is that little Red Hourglass thing you wear, which is awesome by the way,

Katniss? Your Icon is a mini Bow and Arrow, I made it Purple for you, aren't I nice?

Bro. Yours is that mini Green fist. Alright?

Agent, Your Icon is this little Yellow Trading Card, cool?

Hill, Your Icon is a Teal Headset. Hope you like it.

Mine is the Arc Reactor, which is Orange, 'cause Orange is Awesome! Oh and if Fury finds out about his icon, he will rip my head off, so no telling him! Alright? Cool!" Tony, having finished his part, stepped back and let Bruce take the Spotlight.

"Okay, so we're in Uxbridge and Fury's in Westminster, we got clearance? Good. He's there, we're here, lets go get him!" Bruce ended on a high note, and Tony (being Tony) yelled 'Huzzah!' complete with the arm thrust.

With Fury found and The Quinjet being prepared for take off, The Avengers, followed by Hill and Coulson, walked in a determined pace, towards the Quinjet and their next destination;



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