The Mind of a Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter cordially invites you to read this tale of amusing events concerning a particular team of Superhumans, their Director, Herself, Her Sister, Her Mafia.
And Her Extremely Messed Up Mind.
I own nothing!


7. Welcome!

They had just arrived in Westminster, it took a long time to find a suitable place to land the Quinjet, however, they managed to find somewhere out of sight of the target, but close enough to scope the place out.

"Alright, the place where Fury's held is apparently an abandoned warehouse, however, recent activity prompted many police inquests, all of which found no inhabitants or anything which contradicts the fact that it's an abandoned warehouse." Tony stated, with quite a sceptical look on his face, as if he didn't believe it. "So Stark, what you're technically saying is that we have no info on this place? Greaaaat!" Clint drawled sarcastically, "Thank you, Captain Obvious! Yes, that's what I'm saying, we have a basic map, but that's about it." Tony snarked pointedly.

So, after gearing up and prepared to face a Mafia, The Avengers, Coulson and Hill, walked out of the Quinjet, and calmly stalked to the warehouse, where Fury was waiting, along with an entire Mafia of possibly Pissed of Brits, but you can't win 'em all.

Eventually, they found the Warehouse, and with a firm kick on the front door and a shout, they found themselves facing... another door? With a grunt and an eye-roll, Hulk tried to smash the door down, only to find many more replacing it, in the end, Thor took him off it and Tony said something smart, and not snarky, for once. "Hey guys, we're in England right? Home of Etiquette and Manners, right? Well, seeing as they're an English mafia, shouldn't we, I dunno, knock?" However the Avengers shot it down with a laugh, except Romanov, she walked up to the door, and, instead of kicking it in, she knocked very gently on the door.

It took a few minutes and Clint was about to shout something derogatory at Stark, when the door was opened, by two smallish boys, who quickly scattered away from the door at an unseen and unheard command, drawing her weapon, and the others readying theirs, she lightly pushed the door open and ran inside, the others followed suite, however, their charge was short lived, for they found themselves, in a brightly coloured and decorated hall, Coulson spun around and saw that the door had disappeared, leaving them stuck inside this bizarre place, however what had everyone else occupied was an extremely long table in the middle of the room, every seat bar eight, were occupied by a person dressed in strange clothing, like they were fairy-tale characters, however, sitting at the head of the table, was a girl, of no more than 14, possibly 15? dressed in a bright multicoloured suit and top hat, with a cheery smile, the girl stood up and addressed the group;

"Welcome to Wonderland, Avengers and Others,

I'm The Mad Hatter,

Now, if you take a seat, we can talk business,

Particularly that concerning your missing Director!" 

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