The Mind of a Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter cordially invites you to read this tale of amusing events concerning a particular team of Superhumans, their Director, Herself, Her Sister, Her Mafia.
And Her Extremely Messed Up Mind.
I own nothing!


6. Uninvited Guests

The Hatter hadn't left her room since she had her mini-spat at Hare, but a few days later, with tea, Lewis Carroll and Queen, she had calmed down enough to join her "family" for Tea.

It was like clockwork, which was kept meticulously by White Rabbit;

They would wake up, bar the Hatter, no one dared to go into her room while she was sleeping, the last time one of them tried that, they all nearly died, if it wasn't for her love of tea, they wouldn't have survived.

They would have a quick breakfast, lasting no longer than five or so minutes, then they would all head to the board to see what training or missions they would have to do.

The ones with missions would head out to complete this, then the ones stuck with training would continue to do this with no breaks until Tea. It was then that the Hatter would emerge, if she hadn't done so already, and join them, for a well deserved round of tea and whatnot, it was also good bonding, The Hatter let her guard down, they all knew well enough to never ask about the Asylum, and the others were more relaxed, normally there were no alerts or missions, and afterwards, training would be over. And they could all head to bed.

So, after checking her suit and complementary hat, deeming herself presentable for the masses, she opened the door and went to Tea.

At Tea

Hare wasn't surprised when he saw the rainbow clothed teenager sit down at the head of the table, she never missed more than three days of Tea. so it wasn't unusual, what unnerved him was the distracted look in her eyes, there was something wrong, but, as she called for them all to sit down, with him at her left, he quickly hid his thoughtful gaze, in favour of a mischievous smirk. "Hello Hatter, how are you?" Hare asked, "Er... Alright I suppose Hare, where's Alice?" Hatter answered distractedly, "She's gone on a mission, to our American base, apparently there's been some extra-terrestrial activity over there." answered Hare, it was normal for Hatter to ask for the location of Alice, she was the one who pulled her out of the gutter, and helped her back onto her own two feet. "That's weird... What the bloody hell is that smell!?" Hatter exclaimed, everyone stopped and turned to stare at her, but by then Hatter was busy scaling the nearest wall, "HATTER! Get Down from there! You could get hurt!" worried Hare, Hatter just turned and calmly stated "You're my bodyguard Hare, Not my Keeper!" She then done a gymnastic flip and landed next to the Admiral, who was on the other side of the room.

"Admiral, it appears that the group of Superhumans you so desperately love, have managed to find you, I'm surprised, it took a whole month! To think you put so much pride in them. Foolish Sentiment." With a sneer, which was quickly replaced by a small frown. Hatter turned and addressed her ragtag group. "we're having a few Uninvited Guests drop in for Tea. You know how I feel about Uninvited Guests. Be ready, but don't attack them, and get Alice back here. I don't care how. Dismissed." With an authorative tone and a wave of her hand, her Mafia set to work, Yes they were a Mafia, Whatever made you think that they weren't?

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