The Mind of a Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter cordially invites you to read this tale of amusing events concerning a particular team of Superhumans, their Director, Herself, Her Sister, Her Mafia.
And Her Extremely Messed Up Mind.
I own nothing!


10. The End?

When Hatter and Fury re-entered the room, Norma was sitting in Hatter's chair, Hatter just glanced at her and she moved, "Madeline, we have business. Concerning Wonderland." Norma spoke crisply, "Ah yes that, it's being sorted, albeit at a slower pace than expected, but it is being sorted." Hatter spoke as if it were an annoyance, then, she turned to address Fury and the Avengers;

"Avengers, Others, Admiral, you are welcome to return here anytime you like, Admiral, make sure you arrive safely..." With a knowing smirk, she continued, "...And our appointment, you mustn't be late!" The door re-appeared, "Now, shoo, you have more important things in your lives to deal with. Good day."  With that the entirety of Wonderland disappeared.

"Was that real sir?" Hill asked. "Unfortunately yes, they never remain in the same place, it's annoying, but that's how they work." Fury answered gruffly, "How they work Fury? Wait, you addressed that 'Mad Hatter' character by her actual name, how do you know them?" Captain asked, "I know them because I was one of them. Don't look so surprised Rogers. Because of my military connections, they placed me in the seat of The Admiral, I was Hatter's most trusted confidant, then when I told her that I had a new position, this one,  told me that no matter what, The Admiral would always be open, that's what Wonderland does, even when you think you've gotten out, you never truly are. Hatter... Is complicated, she's utterly mental. Not a single sane cell in her DNA, she told me once, ages ago, that once she was so insane, she broke reality. I didn't believe her. But everything that happened after, makes me question that." Fury became thoughtful and Stark being Stark taunted; "So the Big Bad Lawman wasn't always so good? That must crush you." "Shut it Stark" Captain snarled, he was still taking in all the information, Fury, a criminal? Maybe it seems more realistic now that he thinks about it, but still, a criminal!?

"So Director, the 'appointment' The Hatter mentioned?" Natasha questioned, "That? Nothing really, Hatter claimed that I would become to 'Rude' if I stayed in the States for too long, so every odd month, I fly over here, she sends me the address of their new Hideout and we talk, have tea and catch up, nothing serious. Well except for this time..." Fury smiled, "The whole disappearing act was actually my idea, Hatter claimed that she was so good at hiding that I could stay with her and she would keep the Hideout in exactly the same spot, and SHEILD wouldn't find me in a week, I was with her for what? A month? I didn't expect that. Which brings me to another point. SHEILD was outsmarted by a group of people who are given orders by a Teenager. We're upgrading everything, and I want it done by the time we land on the Helicarrier. Understood?" With a nod, Fury turned and stalked off, the others following, not noticing the camera in the far corner.

In their new Headquarters, Hatter was at her desk, watching the scene unfold from her monitor, she knew that Norma was behind her, she didn't care. After they had all left, Hatter pressed a key and the camera exploded, taking the Warehouse with it. Norma cleared her throat, drawing the Hatter's attention then spoke; "Now they know the truth, what will happen, or did you not think that far ahead?" Hatter rolled her eyes, "Norm please, I'm three steps ahead of you and I'm doing the waltz in front of everyone else, I thought of it, as I think of everything." Hatter's tone changed from the warm, friendly, dreamy tones everyone was used to, to hard, cold and business-like, it was like Hatter had changed completely, "Now Mad, don't get egotistical on me, you may be fox-trotting in front of everyone, but I'm still one step behind you. And it's that one step that makes me think you're losing your touch." Hatter glared, "What makes you think that!?" Norma sighed, "Seriously? Do I have to spell it out for you? Something's changed Mad, you've changed, you've become colder, what's happened to Wonderland? What's happened to Madness? Where's my sister?" Norma was pleading, she had noticed the changes, they were small, subtle, but they were there, now they've come full circle. "Normal, I know this pains you, but Wonderland is fine, Madness is still here. Nothing's wrong, honest!" Norma looked up and spat in Hatter's eye, she didn't flinch, instead she let her Madness take her, who then told Norma "You will hear the call, the call to assemble, it will not be a loud one, or a quiet one, but there will be one, not today, not tomorrow, but soon." Norma turned on the spot, and left the building without another word, she knew what Madness meant, she didn't like it, but she knew; Wonderland was in trouble, but this time, there was no Alice, to save it.

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