The Mind of a Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter cordially invites you to read this tale of amusing events concerning a particular team of Superhumans, their Director, Herself, Her Sister, Her Mafia.
And Her Extremely Messed Up Mind.
I own nothing!


9. Old Days

"Don't you "Norma!" Me. You knew I was coming, you can smell my work miles away! Now. Back to what I was saying earlier. what the HECK!?" Norma was seething. She was dressed in a very frilly dress, no sleeves. All grey, with slight hints of white. The only 'colour' was a black ribbon tied around her waist, her hair was a very dull blonde, tied back with a grey band and a grey hairband keeping the strays out of her face, she wore very practical glasses which hid her sceptical blue eyes, Sunday school shoes and White knee socks, on her hands there was only one ring on her right hand, nothing else. There was no other piece of Jewellery on her. In fact the only thing that was peculiar about her was the fact that she had appeared, out of nowhere, through the door that wasn't there to begin with. And she looked like she had never been dirty or outside in her life.

She was the complete opposite of the Hatter. Who was dressed in a multicoloured Victorian suit with the top buttons undone, and an accompanying multicoloured hat, Purple gloves covered her nimble fingers which could fix and stitch and sew and make any article of clothing. Under her hat was a messy bob of fiery hair, and the brim shaded her Blue eyes, brimming with never-ending energy, under her jacket was a plain white vest, a necklace with her symbol on and on her lapel, Wonderland's logo, on the other, the Anarchist symbol. On her left hand however, was the same ring that Norma wore, on her feet were scuffed and worn navy blue boots, under which were neon orange socks, which she swore glowed in the dark. Her ears wore studs of all kinds, only on her left side though. Hatter was the complete opposite of Norma, she saw what others never dared to, she bears the scars, mental and physical, of years of rough living, fighting and surviving.

"Norma! You wound me so! Now, I have business to take care of, it shan't take more than a few moments my sweet liquorice! So, take a seat and be patient!" With a flourish, Hatter turned on her heels, took Fury by the arm and lead him away into the separate room

When they were inside, Hatter locked the door and joined Fury at the desk.

"Well, Admiral, what did you think?" She spoke, clearly and confidently, The Mafia was play, this is business. "I think that you and your 'Motley Crew' have earned recognition, keeping me hidden for what was it? A month? That was stupendous. How did you do that by the way? Put me in a coma?" Fury was firm and picky with his words, he didn't want to accidently upset the Hatter, it just wasn't done. "Oh that! It was nothing, truly! Just a bit of madness and a hat! Really!" She laughed, but her eyes were serious, she was expecting a challenge with the Admiral, not for him to be dandy boy! "Come now Admiral! I expected a challenge! You know what I hate, you know what I can do, Same with me. Let's have a bought, for old times sake?" Fury shuffled, he was concerned, truly he didn't want to have a go at Hatter, it took just a few words to set her off now...

After a lot of debating, and a bit of encouragement, Fury relented and the two had their spat. It truly was just like the old days, it started as a debate, and then evolved into a full on argument. Which ended when both of them had ran out of topics to insult one another about. "See? What did I tell you? Perfectly fine! I'm not glass for Carroll's sake! Now, let's return before they start to think I killed you..." She smiled conspiratorially and then unlocked the door, motioning for Fury to exit. He inwardly groaned but complied, putting on his usual mask of rage and indifference, he composed himself and left the room, Hatter done the same, slipping on a mask of ecstasy, delirium and madness, she left the room, locking it in twist.

Their jobs were practically the same, they just worked for different sides.

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