The Mind of a Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter cordially invites you to read this tale of amusing events concerning a particular team of Superhumans, their Director, Herself, Her Sister, Her Mafia.
And Her Extremely Messed Up Mind.
I own nothing!


2. Miss Me?

Something was most definitely wrong, Hatter could smell it, It wasn't big, but if she was right, it was crossing the pond, it smelled official, yet, not. She turned to face the newest member of her motley gang, The Admiral. "Well, Admiral, it appears your Navy is better than we thought! I smell trouble, and a lot of wrongness and I don't like wrongness, so how about we do ourselves a favour? Try not to do anything stupid? And I might just have the heart to let you go!" She smiled sweetly then left the large chair in which she was sat and strolled out of the hall which served as the command centre, to go to her own private quarters. very few of her crew had one, she made sure she, Alice and Rabbit had one, the rest of them came second for good reason, Hatter was clinically insane, had spent half her life in a mental institute where one of the few things she learned were to not allow others near her while she was sleeping, it took forever for them to learn it, but a few near deaths later and they learned quick. Alice is her personal assassin, she kills quickly and without mercy, which freaks everyone apart from Hatter and Hare out, plus she has the largest weapons collection, so she needs somewhere to store her beauties. Rabbit has a caffeine addiction, so she's always jumpy, and she has OCD when it comes to time, she must always be on time, hates delays but doesn't mind if she is early, she mutters in her sleep, so no one can actually get a wink at night, so she has her own room, simply because she's a nuisance.  

When she reached her room Hatter abandoned her happy-peppy cheery face and let it slink back to its original shape, tired, bored and testy, She was tired beyond belief, her brew of tea, which was always kept hot, could only fuel her for so long before she started to shut off, this was one of those times, so she opened the door and closed it quietly, she delicately placed her multicoloured hat on it's stand, put her equally coloured jacket on it's hook when her senses kicked in, someone was in her room.

Hatter was beyond mad, but her mind whispered, it is only fair to give them warning before you brutally slaughter them. Hatter had to admit, her mind had a point so she called "Five seconds before I tear your throats out! Five, Four, Three, Two, ON-" Her crew had never moved faster, they all climbed out from everywhere, the cupboard, under her bed, on top, all senior members of her crew fled from her room, bar one, her bodyguard Hare, "That was sloppy even for you Mad, if that was an assassin, he would've slit your throat and then-" "And then Alice would chop him into cheese cubes, Hare, seriously, I'm tired." To Hatter every word was another step to the brink of exhaustion, she couldn't last much longer. "Ah, well, Damn, I'll take care of Wonderland and the Admiral then. Good Night Mad Hatter." Hare said quietly and exited, closing the door quietly behind him, the door locking automatically.

"Finally! Ah!" She sighed as she collapsed on her brightly coloured bed, unconsciousness tugging her into the fog.

"Good Night Mad March Hare..."

"Hello Wonderland, Miss Me?"  

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