The Mind of a Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter cordially invites you to read this tale of amusing events concerning a particular team of Superhumans, their Director, Herself, Her Sister, Her Mafia.
And Her Extremely Messed Up Mind.
I own nothing!


8. Her Sister

The Avengers couldn't believe what they were seeing, this wasn't a mafia, this was a group of loons that decided to become fangirls about Lewis Carroll! And Tony just had to blurt it out. "THIS! Is the famous and Oh so scary! Wonderland! HA! More like a group of Carroll Fangirls gone Loony!" He then broke off in laughter, but abruptly stopped, because if there's one thing Tony has learned over the years of pissing people off, it was when the atmosphere changed from funny to deadly. This was one of those times where that knowledge came in handy, but also one of the times he really should've kept his mouth shut.

Because although The Hatter didn't show it, inside something broke. You could call her loony, mad, round the bend, bonkers, etc, etc, but you don't make fun of Carroll, or her Mafia, ever. It was rule no.1 on the list!

Rules of Wonderland

1) You want to survive more than one second. Be careful with what you say around the Hatter.

2) Stay away from The White Rabbit.

3) Don't insult Alice. Or Hare. Or anyone.

4) Don't go into Hatter's room when she's sleeping.

5) Don't mess with Hatter's table placements, Her tea or the Table.


Six rules, that was it. You break one, you run for the door and pray that you get to it and through it before Hatter gets to you, otherwise... Well otherwise.

Now, usually she wouldn't react, they didn't know the rules, but Hatter knew better. She knew that the Navy had a file on her and Wonderland. Why on Earth wouldn't they!? She knew that they knew the rules, so for Tin Man to do this, well, she didn't like it.

But, instead of going over there and ripping his head off, helmet and all. Her mind came up with an altogether different scheme. They want their precious Director. You know who he is. Why not give him to them? But first, why not have a little bit of fun? Her mind was an evil thing when needed.

She stood up and walked over to where the Admiral was sitting, catatonic, of course, but nonetheless, carefully and slowly, Hatter removed his hat, which was in the style of Nelson, tucked it under her arm and returned to her seat. Then, using her fingers, she counted down from five, when she finished an unmistakably gruff voice exclaimed "MADELINE!!!!! WHAT THE F*^K!" Which then prompted The Avengers and others to exclaim "FURY!!!" and dash over to the eyepatch wearing spy.

"Yes Coulson. I'm pretty damn sure I'm fine! Now. If you'll excuse me." He then left the gaggle which had formed around him and walked over to The Hatter. "Madeline, I believe we have business to talk about." However The Hatter was crafty, she doesn't like orders, "Do I have to Admiral?" Fury was having none of it. "Hatter. I've been gone for a helluva lot longer than I oughta be, we settle this now. Or not at all." Hatter relented, "FINE! God, you'll be the death of me, let's go." Hatter got out of her chair and was about to lead Fury to a separate room when a possible banshee screeched, "MADELINE HATTERSON! IN ALL MY YEARS... WHAT IN THE NAME OF CARROLL WERE YOU THINKING!" With a curse from Hatter, she turned around and greeted the grey-coloured teen that was standing in the doorway. "Norma! What a surprise!"

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