The Mind of a Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter cordially invites you to read this tale of amusing events concerning a particular team of Superhumans, their Director, Herself, Her Sister, Her Mafia.
And Her Extremely Messed Up Mind.
I own nothing!


4. Bad Days

Hatter wasn't in the mood to deal with people, usually she was, in fact she loved to deal with people, but it was just one of those days.

"HATTER! For God's Sake! You can't spend forever and a day locked in your bedroom!" Hare half-shouted, "Mffghterfh!" Was the response, followed shortly be muffled screaming, which Hare took as an exceedingly horrendous sign. He turned to address the others including a catatonic, possibly comatose Admiral, all of them (excluding the obvious) were staring at him with horrified faces, Hare sighed and addressed the group, " It is one of those days, she's not to be disturbed under any circumstances, are we clear? Good, White, Red, make sure that the Cards, Chess and Plants, know this..." As this was going on, four very different people left the group, two tall, slim, slender people dressed in white gowns and two small, large, muscly people adorned with red shirts and shorts, with red cloaks tied around their necks, a man and a women belonged to each group, all of them had carefully crafted crowns on, coloured in the same fashion as the clothes.

"... The rest of you, business as normal, Caterpillar! Cut off the feed from her room an-" "Already done Hare, now, if you don't mind, I have other things that require my attention." With that, a man left the room dressed in such fine silk and coloured so uniquely that a peacock would love it.

Meanwhile in The Mad Hatter's Mind


ENOUGH! Please, stop! I can't hold    her!         I believe Hatter said ENOUGH!

.....   .....   ....   .....    ......    ......    .......    .....    ......   .....  ..... ....   .....   .....   ......   ......   ......   .......

Thank you Madness! I don't know what would have- Silence.

In Her Room

Hatter was ballistic, she was having Nightmare that make yours look like fluffy little dreams, the ones that can't hurt. Hers created wounds, actual physical wounds, that always made her fell run down, her tea was the only thing which kept her from being comatose, but even then, it wasn't enough sometimes, so she had to sleep, it was an exhausting, frivolous task, but it had to be done.

Then she started to stir, her face was torn between horror, agony and fright, then it stopped, went white as a sheet and completely still.

Then she awoke.

It certainly wasn't the most graceful thing she had done, but Hatter managed somehow to get out of the tangle/cocoon of blankets she tied herself in. Then she ever so forcefully fell out of bed, landing facefirst, on her patch-covered carpet, with an unceremonious THUD That's going to leave a mark she thought No S@£t Sherlock Madness answered, She then heard the pounding of footsteps and the dulcet tones of Hare's voice, mixed with the surprisingly worried tones of Alice's, which prompted her to actually get up off the floor, get properly dressed, and take the short walk to the door, when she finally opened the door she was greeted by Alice and Hare, who said " Not to be mean, but you look like hell" to which she coldly and glaringly replied: "Hare, if you went through what I just did, so would you."

 The door was then slammed.

The Events That Happened Before But Outside Her Room

Hare was bored, no doubt about it, when he started to mess around with the china and cutlery on the huge table, he was bored, then Caterpillar came over, looking as arrogant as possible, while Hare was contemplating whether it was worth Hatter's wrath to mess with her placements, "HARE! Before you start tempting Fate and hurrying your envitable demise, you should know that the Mad Hatter has risen from her unwelcome coma. I suggest you go visit." Then he stalked off, Hare was now contemplating going, for Hatter was usually in one of two moods when she woke up;

1) Extremely Antisocial, to the point where she would throw a dagger through her door, just to get you to leave. This happened every other awakening.


2) Tired, Irritable, but otherwise alright, this was the more preferred option, and happened more often than not.

A loud but slightly muffled THUD interrupted his thoughts, gathering his wits, Hare walked briskly towards Hatter's room, where he was joined by Alice, who had probably been camping outside for the entirety of the Incident, which was unsurprising, seeing as how Alice always looked after Hatter, in repayment for saving her from a more unsavoury lifestyle.

Then the both of them called after Hatter, who after a short while opened the door, what they saw was freaky;

Her suit was perfectly fine, nothing was wrong, the colours were as bright as always, but her face, was ashen with sleep deprivation, there was a small but noticeable cut on her left cheek, a red mark that was forming a bruise on her forehead, the usually Bright Electric Blue Eyes, usually full of light, wonder and activity were dimmed, her Fiery Red Hair, Straight, cut short, and at times, brightens up like a house on fire, was limp, dull and lifeless. 

 This was not the Mad Hatter they knew,

It was someone completely different.


Then Hare let his mouth run on,

And Hatter slammed the door,

And Alice berated him,

And Hare was feeling bored again,





God it was one of those days...




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