Lola is a very special creature, she can blend in well with humans but can also go to her normal form. When I say she can blend in with humans. I mean she CAN blend in with humans because she's working with spies that are actually hunting her kind of species down, if she's sent to look for one she sends them free and tell them to go. And helps the others that's been captured. But what happens when she meets a few people that are not like her and they join her gang. She's still working for the CSA to make sure she can still keep in track of the angels, but what happens when things get out saying that she's something shes not, and the people she trusts turn her back on her. Will she put up a fight ? Will she just stand back? Or will she go back to original home? Well read on to find out...


7. chapter 6

"Lola..? Lola!" My Mum shouted at me snapping me out of a daydream. "What's wrong with you darling? You're not normAlly this daydreamy." She whisper then leaned across the table. "Is it a boy?" She whispered looking at me seriously.

"No!" I say so quickly that makes her raise her eyebrows. "Well maybe a little." I shrugged as my father entered the room.

My mother giggles. She was pretty , her hair was long brown and silky and her eyes were brown which seemed to have flecks of gold. She was small but she had the most perfect figure. She wasn't fat and she wasn't skinny. She is called Carly. Even the boys at school knew her by name because her face stuck to their minds. No wonder, she was beautiful. I got my looks from my father. He's tall with blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. I was tall (maybe too tall) long blonde hair and blue eyes, my eyes seemed to big for my face but in a way suited them. And the weirdest thing is that they're angels as well. A family of angels, weird, right? People may think it's strange but we're normal , well in some ways normal. We're a normal family just about. Except for the wings and our impossible speed and strength. And in the house we can be normal, walking about as fast as we want. My mother and father like to walk about the house normally and encourage me to do it too. But sometimes I'm bored and end up racing one of them (they always like a good race.)

"Ooooh." My mother giggles smiling.

"Shh." I hiss and continue to eat my dinner. "Emm.. Mum. I'm going out tonight." I keep looking at my dinner.

"Who with?" She asks

"Ooh. Just a big group of friends."

"What time?" I look up to look at her and she stares at me worriedly.

"Midnight. I'm staying at their house."

"I don't like the idea of you going away at midnight. But since you've been so helpful lately I suppose so.." She smiles a little and I start grinning like mad. "But if you get put in jail I will personally ban you from you're life. Even breathing."

"Ugh you can take that away."

"I will take food off of you!"

"No!" I jump up standing panicking."I'll behave I promise! I'll behave!" She laughs and dismisses me with a wave of her hand. I smile and grab my phone.

To date for dance. No denying.

Hey. Mind if I stay tonight. I just told my mum it was going to be a sleepover so she'll let me out

Love L ❤️

I sigh and run up the stairs packing a outfit for tomorrow without looking at what it is. I then run into the bathroom grabbing necessary things. I run back to my room nearly falling but manage to catch myself while my heart races with fear. Stupid socks! I get in and shove it in the bag and check my phone.

💌new text message💌

I open it

From date for dance. No denying.

Sure. And it's cool you weren't lying to her. See you tonight. Would you mind if I pick you up at 9:00 instead?

~C 💀

I smile and close the bag that means in only have an hour to get ready. I go over to my drawer of clothes and look through it finally choosing really skinny high waisted jeans with a normal black shirt. I grab my straightners off of my work top and wait for them heating up. Then I run them through my hair making it straighter than it was. My hair is naturally curly and annoying. When I'm done it's 8:59 pm. I grab my Mackenzie jumper and jog down the stairs as Coles car pulls up.

"Bye mum! Love you!" I shout while I run to his gracefully as a gazelle. I get into the passenger seat shaking like a leaf.

"Hey." I chatter.

"You cold?" I nod and he turns up the heating full.

"So why did you want to pick me up like 4 hours earlier?" I ask rubbing my arms and dumping my bag at my feet.

"Ah dunno thought maybe we could hang out at my place. " we both turn to look at each other and then everything disappears.

-"I love you Lola." Mumbles cole into my ear. "I love you too." We were lying on the grass next to each other on a blanket. Peacefully lying.


"Okay.." We breathe at the same time.

"That's what's going to happen.." Cole mumbles. "Do you think when one vision happens another comes?" He asks.

"Looks like it." I whisper.

We reach his house in 10 minutes. It was huge I get out dazedly staring he guides me towards it. When we enter a huge tv screen and a really comfy looking couch greets me.

"Yes it's as comfy as it looks." He laughs and guides me up the stairs. I admire everything as we walk through the house. He then guides me into a room. "My room." He whispers I look about and notice something out the corner of my eye.

"Frustration!" I practically shout.

He laughs "wanna play?" I nod quickly . He gets up and gets the board game and sits down on the bed again setting it up. We then start to play he pops the dice . 5 . I pop the dice .6. I smile widely and move my wee guy onto the circle infront of him. I pop the dice again. 6 . I've got luck today! I pop it again and get a three.

We were halfway through a game and I was winning.

"I've never lost this game before." He groans

"Well everything can change." I laugh and bring out my Last person with the six I just got . I laugh as I see actual pain in his eyes. At the end of the game he only has like 3 people out and one guy on his line. And I've got all mine in a perfect line.

"I won! I won! I won!" I chant.

"Not fair!" He whines,

" I won!" I giggle and keep saying it jumping up and down on the bed. Next thing I know the game is thrown to the side and he's ontop of me pressing me to the bed. "Hi." I giggle.

"Hi." He whispers. "Now shut up about winning." He demands.

"Nope." I giggle. I start to chant I won again.

He leans down , I can feel his breath fanning my face. "Be quiet."

"Nope." I keep chanting it. He groans and leans down pressing his lips against mine. He pulls back.

"Now shut up."

"If that's going to be the outcome of it every time I'm never going to shut up." I grin madly. I start to chant again and he kisses me roughly pressing against me. He pulls back smirking.

"Now lovely. We have 10 minutes to get there we better go we're watching the barn." I smile and follow him to his car.


We walked into the barn holding hands and while he explained the complicated stuff to the others I sat on his lap. He occasionally stopped to peck my lips. And considering I don't even know if I go out with him or not! It's so complicated! As soon as the others are gone we go on making out like we were before. I smile as we pull back our breathing fast. He grins pecks my lips then slides me off his knee then pulls me back on so I'm straddling his waist.

"What are we cole?" I ask looking at him questionably.

"Well considering what just happened id say were something." He smiles. "So Lola. You'll be coming to the party with me tomorrow as my girlfriend." He smiles at the word. "I like that"

"Boyfriend." I put on a thinking face. "I like that too." We laugh a little.

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