Lola is a very special creature, she can blend in well with humans but can also go to her normal form. When I say she can blend in with humans. I mean she CAN blend in with humans because she's working with spies that are actually hunting her kind of species down, if she's sent to look for one she sends them free and tell them to go. And helps the others that's been captured. But what happens when she meets a few people that are not like her and they join her gang. She's still working for the CSA to make sure she can still keep in track of the angels, but what happens when things get out saying that she's something shes not, and the people she trusts turn her back on her. Will she put up a fight ? Will she just stand back? Or will she go back to original home? Well read on to find out...


5. chapter 4

Mr buttle (butthole) has been talking forever. Talking ... Talking ... Talking... I keep sneaking glances up to the clock.

"5 minutes to go." I mumble to myself while scribbling down my notes.

"And that's us for today" mr. Butthole announces. I smile and stand up. I turn around to see Justin silverstone standing next to me.

"Hi lola." He whispers.

"Hi?" He doesn't talk to anyone but his sister so why is he talking to me?

"Ugh. Ummmm . This is awkward." He smiles at me sheepishly. I nod

"so what's up?"

"I was wondering. The dance next week. Would you um like to come with me?" He looks at everything else but me.

"sure. That'd be cool Justin." I smile. The bell starts ringing.

"Great." He mutters and scurries away. I laugh a little and walk to the door seeing three of Coles friends. Michael and Bronx and another one I didn't know the name of.

"Hey Lola." Michael and Bronx and the other start too walk with me Michael pressed against one side of me and the boy I don't know the name of on the other. And Bronx bringing up the rear. "Cole said he'll pick you up after school today."

A few moments of silence. "The thing is I don't know why COLE let you into the gang. It's kinda odd." Ive decided to call this other boys name turd.

"Maybe because I have good material."

"How can we trust you though? You work for the CSA."

"I'm quitting."

"Sure you are."

"I am."


"I swear to god if I need to fight you in this corridor I will."I say spinning around stopping both of them in their tracks.

"Square go."

"Fine." Me and turd start edging towards each other.

"Wow wow wow." Michael cuts in grabbing my arm and pulling me back. "Calm it. Rule number two. Never beat up one of your gang member."

"He may be a gang member but doesn't stop me from tripping him up." I growl. "Watch your back turd."

"Turd?" He looks at me confused (all three of them)

"My new nickname for you." I scoff and start to walk away.

"Not so fast missy." Michael chuckles grabbing my arm. "You're sitting with the big boys today."

I groan. "But I have friends. "

"They can come and sit with us."

"Kat'll be the only one to come and sit."

"Okay." Kat has a on and off relationship with Michael. And obviously they are both deeply in love and it's cute.

"Just because you love her."

"Maybe i do."

"No because you do."

"Okay then I do." He finishes grabbing my arm and pulls me along to the cafeteria. I stumble behind him muttering sorries to the people I bump into.

"So why have I got to sit with yous now?" I ask when he finally slows down as we reach the cafeteria.

"Because 1) you're now apart if the gang and 2) cole wants to discuss what we are doing after school. Just to you. In private because kat'll be here. And never under any circumstances tell her about the things that live in this world."

"So I can't even tell her about me."




"That's not a answer."

"It is."

"That's not one either." We continue our banter even when we are sitting down at the table. Cole is infront of me. I catch a glimpse of him and he's rubbing his temple.

He snaps his head up. "Shut up you guys!" He shouts at both me and Michael.

Michael goes quietly quickly. Whereas I couldn't give two shits. "Why? You getting a sore head boss." An oooooo spreads across the table.

"I am your boss. AND yes I am. I hope I don't have to listen to it all the time."

"Maybe you'll have to." I state.

"I don't have to."






"I'm not getting into this."


"Just because Lola! "

"Just becAuse is NOT a answer."

"Shut up. "

"Ask nicely."




"Because is not a answe-"

"Okay! Shut up! Please!" He snaps cutting me off. I kind of smile and nod.

"Okay. That was was easy wasn't it?" I giggle.

"It was not actually." I smirk at him and he rolls his eyes and begins to eat his food and so do I.

Michael leans into my ear. "You've got balls woman."


"Because nobody in their right mind would speak to cole holland like that."

"He won't touch me."

"You don't know that"

"I do. Trust me." He shrugs and looks away and cole is silent Except from saying 'mhmm' and 'huhuh. ' me and Michael started bickering again a few minutes after. And that's how it went for another half a hour. And I hadn't seen Kat for the rest of the day.


Hey so I actually updated and I'm quite fond of this chapter. One of the best out of all of my books I think x so yea. Comment and tell me what you think ☺️

Love yous 😘

Louise xxx 🙊

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