Lola is a very special creature, she can blend in well with humans but can also go to her normal form. When I say she can blend in with humans. I mean she CAN blend in with humans because she's working with spies that are actually hunting her kind of species down, if she's sent to look for one she sends them free and tell them to go. And helps the others that's been captured. But what happens when she meets a few people that are not like her and they join her gang. She's still working for the CSA to make sure she can still keep in track of the angels, but what happens when things get out saying that she's something shes not, and the people she trusts turn her back on her. Will she put up a fight ? Will she just stand back? Or will she go back to original home? Well read on to find out...


4. chapter 3

My arm is still looped through cole's arm as he slowly pushes the door open.

"Hey guys!" He shouts letting go of me as we walk through and he Shuts the door behind me.

"Coles back!!" A voice shouts from through the corridor and a few people start coming through it. They look at me and gasp "cole! What are you doing bringing people in here?! I thought we all promised not too!!" A girl with long blonde hair squeals. I notice her as one of the popular girls in school and she squeaks and jumps behind a boy with electric green hair, as I recognised as Michael Martini from school, one of Coles best friends looking at the girl behind him he let's out a deep laugh and looks back at cole.

"But seriously mate. We all agreed." Michael says furrowing his eyebrows.

"She's different Michael." They all look at him confused. "She's a angel who works for the CSA and saves the angels she gets to!" Cole says pulling me forward.

"Is this true angel?" Michael asks and I nod slowly looking down feeling the few eyes on me. "I guess she could stay for a while.." Michael mumbles and pats his friends back and turns around to look at everyone grinning.

"This is so unfair." The girl with blonde hair (emily( mumbles.

"We could do with another girl love." Michael grins and tugs on one of her curls and she just glares up at him.

"So what's your name angel?" Michael turns to look at me with a lopsided grin.

"Lola." I mumble looking down.

"Well Lola. Can you fight?" I look up quickly and he's got an eyebrow raised.

"Try me." I giggle as he flies for me and I easily slide out of the way. " c'mon you can to better." I smile looking down at him." He goes for me again and I stand where I am and let him come and nock him down the last second. He hits the ground and coughs a little. "Stop being such a girl." I smile evilly and examine my nails and bite on my thumb nail sighing. I turn around to see everyone looking at me open mouthed. Michael gets up from behind me and goes to attack again. I turn around in a flash and pin him to the floor. "So can I fight Michael?" I ask giggling raising my eyebrow. He nods quickly. "I could lull you to sleep right here also." I smile and stand up humming a happy tune.

"I don't want to go to sleep!" He gasps standing up quickly grabbing my shoulders.

"I'm not putting you to sleep." I laugh and brush his hands off of my shoulders.

"Oh..." He mumbles looking down blushing.

"So am I good enough?" I turn to face cole raising my eyebrow. And not only is he looking at me he is staring at me open mouthed. I look into his violet eyes and-

-"cole?" I whisper as he pushes me against the wall his lips at my neck.

"Mm." He groans.

"I-I love you." I whisper again leaning my head against the wall.

"I love you too Lola."-

-okay.... What was that. It can't be my imagination... It has to be something. As I start to concentrate again I notice that cole has a grip on my arm and is pulling me away with force. I stumble behind him until we get into a room and he locks door as soon as we are in.

"What the hell are you doing to me?!" He hisses his hands clenched at his sides.

"Nothing! I think you mean what are you doing to me?! This isn't the first time cole that's happened!" My hands shake by my side and my eyes start to pool with water. Why was I crying? There's no need to cry. I viciously wipe at my eyes.

"It's not me either. D-don't you think that could be the future?" He looks up at me his eyes softer than before.

I shrug. "It could be but ,who knows." I whisper looking down wiping at my cheeks again.

"Look Lola. If that's the future we can't prevent it from happening..." He mumbles. "I'm guessing this means sooner or later we are going to be a thing.." He whispers and slowly very slowly makes his way out of the room. After a minute or so I follow and make my way to room we started in.

"Lola!" Shouts a boy I think who's name is Adam. He has tanned skin and get black hair and a icy blue eye colour. "You're in Lola! You're in the gang!" He chuckles and pats my back and I smile up at him.

"Why was everyone staring at me in a shock expression while i challenged Michael?" I ask and glance over at Michael and see him sulking in a corner muttering to himself 'that just didn't happen , it didn't'

"Well Michael in one of the best fighters in this gang. And not even cole holland can defeat him." He laughs. "And you scared the heck out of Michael." He smiles. "And you defied the number one rule."

"What's that?" I ask looking back at Adam.

"Never turn your back on your opponents ." He smiles and with that walks away

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