Lola is a very special creature, she can blend in well with humans but can also go to her normal form. When I say she can blend in with humans. I mean she CAN blend in with humans because she's working with spies that are actually hunting her kind of species down, if she's sent to look for one she sends them free and tell them to go. And helps the others that's been captured. But what happens when she meets a few people that are not like her and they join her gang. She's still working for the CSA to make sure she can still keep in track of the angels, but what happens when things get out saying that she's something shes not, and the people she trusts turn her back on her. Will she put up a fight ? Will she just stand back? Or will she go back to original home? Well read on to find out...


2. chapter 2

'BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP' the school bell goes and with a sigh i stuff my things into my bag. I wander out of the classroom and walk along to my locker.

"Hey you!" I hear someone shouting and i turn around seeing a boy with electric blue hair. I only ever recognized him as Frost. But I still haven't figured out how he got that name. I point to myself while gulping. He was in Cole Holland's gang. "Yes you!" He weaves him way through the crown and stops in front of me. I look up at him.

"W-what?" I stutter.

"What did you do to Cole earlier on?" He asks squinting his eyes.

"I never done- What?! You're accusing me of something of doing something to someone and I don't even talk to that dude!" I burst out making everyone turn around. I keep my eye contact with Frost.

"Sure shortie. But I have my eye on you." He mumbles before walking away. I shiver and turn around swallowing.

"The shows over girls move it move it!" I hear my friend cat (her name is really Catherine but NEVER EVER call her that or she may just tear your guts out) shout. "Hey you move. It's not a huge thing." She says and walks over to me smiling. In many many ways she's pretty. She has long glossy brown hair and a small boutique figure. I love her to bits.

"Thankyou." I whisper as I turn around and hug her.

"what are friends for darling." She laughs.

"So what was he saying to you" Cat and Frost have an off and on relationship and currently they're off.

"Nothing." I mumble. We turn and make our way to her car.

"It was something." She says. "But because I'm so awesome I'll let it go." She's always has this giddy personality if she was in Divergent (the movie/book read it its awesome!) she would definitely be in Amity. We laugh and as soon as we get into her car the music goes up full blast.

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