Lola is a very special creature, she can blend in well with humans but can also go to her normal form. When I say she can blend in with humans. I mean she CAN blend in with humans because she's working with spies that are actually hunting her kind of species down, if she's sent to look for one she sends them free and tell them to go. And helps the others that's been captured. But what happens when she meets a few people that are not like her and they join her gang. She's still working for the CSA to make sure she can still keep in track of the angels, but what happens when things get out saying that she's something shes not, and the people she trusts turn her back on her. Will she put up a fight ? Will she just stand back? Or will she go back to original home? Well read on to find out...


1. chapter 1

Lola's P.O.V


I sigh looking about the long corridors of the school. I was just standing there looking about. For anything for anyone. I always had to be careful about my surroundings as I have always seen stuff differently from others (humans). I jump as the voices of some of my best friends come behind me shouting "Lola?!" Was my wings showing? Oh no ... If they are...

SO HEY IM LOLA ROCK. I live with my adopted parents Calum and Zaria. I am a half breed. Half human half angel. And I work for a company hunting down my own. Weird right? But y'know I save them. I enjoy my job. But I'm still only in high school and I look like a normal 16 year old.

"Girl?! Are you ready for the p-a-r-t-y tonight?!" They giggle. Oh good , so no showing of wings.

I giggle and nod "sooooo ready!" We laugh and make our way to class.

#2 hours later

I sigh and walk around the corridor to my locker. When I bump into to someone. "Oh god! I'm so sorry!" I gasp with my hands on someone's chest I look up and see the one and only Cole Holland. The most dangerous boy in school. I gasp and stumble back when. -

Nobody was there. We were kissing. My hands tangled in his hair and his hands traveling up my shirt but not going any further than my hips. Him biting my lip. The taste of blood. I was pretty sure my lips were swollen.

- wow wait.... What in The Lord was that.. I shake my head. Yea well done Lola having a fantasy with the hardest boy in school. Great. He looks at me weirdly snaps his teeth then walks away. I gulp and kneel down picking up the stuff I dropped. What had seriously happened there. Like that better of not been a fantasy I was having with him

Of all people. Cole Holland! Things are just getting weirder and weirder for me like seriously.

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