The Accident

When Emily is told she is moving in with a brand new family- She panics. She never fit in anywhere, how is she supposed to fit in with a new family?
But maybe, a Romeo and Juliet fanatic will help her on her way...


36. The Last Chapter

Emily and Hugo were both pronounced dead at the scene.

No one is exactly sure how they died. Some thought, like Sarah, that a drunken driver had knocked them down. A few others, like Clodagh, were certain that they had thrown themselves in front of a car, committing suicide.

The funeral was a week later. The church was full with Hugo and Emily's classmates.

Clodagh had volunteered to talk, and made her way up to the alter.

"Most of you are only here because you have to be" she began angrily. "And are happy that you have a couple of days off from school. Emily and Hugo would prefer if most of you weren't here. They were bullied for years. No friends, no happiness. But when they found eachother, some people wouldn't accept their happiness."

She scanned the faces in front of her. Sarah seemed to be the only one who was grieving for Hugo and Emily's deaths.

Clodagh was disgusted that so many people couldn't care less about a double suicide.

"I'm finishing this was something close to Hugo's heart, not that many of you would know. He loved Romeo and Juliet."

She ignored the snigger from the back of the church.

She took a breath and gulped.

I'm sorry Hugo, she thought to herself. I'm gonna miss you, but you better appreciate this.

"For there never was a story of more woe, than this of Emily, and her Hugo."


The End


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