The Accident

When Emily is told she is moving in with a brand new family- She panics. She never fit in anywhere, how is she supposed to fit in with a new family?
But maybe, a Romeo and Juliet fanatic will help her on her way...


6. Chapter four

We stood outside our soon to be old apartment. I tugged anxiously at my plait coming over my shoulder. I bit my lip.

"Are you sure that we should go?"

"Of course! Don't worry babe. You'll settle in quick, I promise."

She hugged me and I felt my stomach drop.

Empty promises. I don't seem to "settle in" anywhere.


We seemed to be driving for forever.

"Where do these people live?" I queasily asked, feeling nauseated with car sick-ness.

"We're nearly there. Oh, I'm just so excited!" She tapped her fingers rhythmically off the steering wheel. "I think James is the one!"

"Great" I weakly smiled. I held my dads' photo in my pocket and watched the rain pour down the window.


My eyes widened as mum pulled up to a huge house.

"This place is massive! Is.. Is this it?" I asked, gobsmacked.

"Yeah!" my mum beamed. "Isn't it fantastic?! You have a room of your own too, much bigger than your old one."

I smiled about this situation for the first time, due to relief.

At least I could have some form of sanctuary and not have to share a room.

But my smile died as soon as James came out of the house. Mum excitedly squealed, jumped out, ran over and hugged him.

Mum then signalled me to come out, and I sighed.

"This'll be interesting" I murmured as I pulled myself out.

"You must be Emily" smiled the tall, muscular man.

"Yeah... Hi" I said uncomfortably. Something about him just wasn't... Right. My legs were telling me to run.

"Cool! Well, come on in. Everyone's dying to meet you."

He grabbed two suitcases out of the mini-van we rented and started to march inside.

"How did he earn the money to buy this place..?" I mumbled.

"He inherited it... Well, his wife did."

"Why doesn't she have the house then?"

"She died a few years ago."

My eyes widened.


"Car accident" my mum said sadly. "Poor kids." But then she smiled.

"He's done so well, bring them up on his own! Isn't he great?"

"He seems nice" I shrugged. And he did, to be fair. Just a gut feeling was throwing me off...



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