The Accident

When Emily is told she is moving in with a brand new family- She panics. She never fit in anywhere, how is she supposed to fit in with a new family?
But maybe, a Romeo and Juliet fanatic will help her on her way...


7. Chapter five

We walked into an amazing kitchen. The cabinets were amazing colours, as were the walls and furniture, making it much more warm and inviting than our old, white, cold kitchen.

"Wow..." I quietly whispered to myself.

"Clodagh, Lacey, Hugo!" James boomed, making me jump. "Sarah and Emily are here!"

A small, young teenager appeared first. She shyly looked down and shuffled towards her dad.

"This is Clodagh" James said, almost in a bored manner, but softened when he spoke directly to her.

"Say hi" he said kindly.

"Nice to have you here" she said quietly, twiddling her fingers.

"Sorry!" panted another girl, running in. "Hey, sorry. I was in town with my friends, and I ran late. Lacey" she grinned, sitting down on one of the counters.

Lacey and Clodagh were very alike. They both had sleek dark brown hair and soft, pretty faces. The only real difference was that Clodagh had light green eyes, while Laceys were so dark brown, they were almost black.

I gave a nod of recognition in Laceys direction.

"Where is that boy?" I then heard James mutter. "HUGO!" he roared, making me feel terrified.

Then I heard unrushed footsteps down the stairs.

James stared daggers out into the hall.

"Get in here, Hugo!"

Hugo sauntered in.

I think I stopped breathing for a minute.

He looked over, and our eyes locked.

"Hi." He said this with a small smile, but with no warm friendliness.

"Hey." But bloody hell... He was gorgeous.

He had beautiful chocolate brown eyes. He was kind of tall, and had jet black hair. He wasn't muscular, like his father. Just normal.. How I liked it.

"Isn't this lovely?" my mum grinned, knocking me out of my train of thought. "We're just like one big family!"

I sighed.

Don't be stupid, I told myself.

Forget the fact that he obviously doesn't like you.

He's your step brother.


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