The Accident

When Emily is told she is moving in with a brand new family- She panics. She never fit in anywhere, how is she supposed to fit in with a new family?
But maybe, a Romeo and Juliet fanatic will help her on her way...


35. Chapter 32

We all sat in the sitting room, Hugo, Clodagh and I on one couch, Lacey and James on the other, and mum sitting in the singular seat.

I twirled my hair nervously. I hated the fact that maybe I was the reason for Laceys' isolation. But if she just accepted the situation, she wouldn't be by herself.

I felt my head spin with the conflict of the two ideas.

"What is going on?" James asked menacingly, his eyes darting between us and Lacey. Lacey eyed us darkly, but no one said anything.

"Lacey?" James head snapped to Laceys' direction. "Do you want to explain why you were screaming at Clodagh?"

She looked angrily ashamed, but the moment passed, and she stared evilly at Clodagh.

"I'm waiting" he persisted coldly.

"I've been isolated in my own family. I see now that Clodagh has cast me out as well as those two."

I rolled my eyes. Talk about twisting the truth.

"Lacey, you know that that's not true" Hugo groaned.

"Yes it is!" she protested.

"No it isn't" I piped up.

"Shut up, you little bitch" she snarled. "You're the cause of this problem!"

"Lacey!" mum yelped in shock.

"Lacey, just stop!" Hugo stood up and brought the attention to himself. "You're being irrational."

"Am I now?" she snarled, going close to his face.

"Yes! I can't believe that you're even my twin."

"Hugo!" James roared, causing us all to jump. "That's enough. Don't be horrible to Lacey."

"That's it" Hugo hissed. "Take her side like you always do. Don't take into account any of the rotten things she's done."

"You started it, in fairness" James shrugged.

"How did I start it?!" Hugo seethed. "I have done nothing wrong! Lacey is the wrong doer here!" He clenched his fists, and it was easy to see he was in a full blown rage.

"You'd swear that you only ever take her side cause she's your child and I'm not!"

Hugo breathed heavily, staring at James as if he was a bull and James was a red rag.

James facial expression was one I had never seen him use before.


"How did you..?" he began, bewildered. "No, no.. Heat of the moment" he murmured.

Everyone looked in confusion at James.

"How did I know what..?" Hugo asked warily.

"Nothing" James said, too quickly, shaking his head too aggressively. "Let's focus on the matter on hand."

"No!" Hugo looked extremely alarmed. "What is it? Tell me!"

"It's nothing.."

"I am not letting this go, dad, tell me now!" Hugo said threateningly through his teeth.

Everyone else looked confused, even mum.

James looked down, defeated.

"I promised your mum when she was dying that I wouldn't say" he mumbled feebly.

Hugo sighed in aggravation.

"Just tell me! She was probably out of her head with the drugs they pumped into her. I'm sure she won't mind" he snapped.

James sighed.

"Fine. But you asked for it."

Hugo looked completely freaked out.

"You should probably sit down.

"Just tell me already!" he begged impatiently, but sat down anyway. I took hold of his hand, and he squeezed painfully tight.

"You're mum had a friend called Georgina. She had a baby very close to the time your mum did."

He stopped.

"And?" Hugo prompted confusedly.

"She wasn't very well. Took too many drugs too often. She died in childbirth. Her addiction had drove her family away, and the baby was born addicted to drugs and was having withdrawal symptoms. No one wanted it, so your mum insisted we take it."

Hugo's grip tightened even more.

"What are you saying?" he asked shakily, tears beginning to stream down his face.

James looked Hugo in the eye.

"Your mum called that baby Hugo. Lacey was born less than a month before, so we pretended you were twins to prevent confusion."

Hugo just continued to stare at him.

"Hugo.. We're not related. I honestly don't know who your real dad is. Georgina was your real mum."

"No.." Hugo whispered.


"How could you keep this from me..?" he asked quietly.

"I had promised-"

"NO!" he screamed. He let go of my hand, and ran out, violently sobbing.

"I'd better go" I said, looking briefly at mum and Clodagh, as I hastily got up. I heard the front door slam, and ran to follow Hugo.

I went outside, but it was hard to see. There was no streetlights and it was pretty dark, but a tall figure running caught my eye.

"Hugo!" I yelled. "Hugo, wait!"

I sprinted after him, finally catching up to him as he lost his breath, near a small country road.

I grabbed his arm and pulled, so he wouldn't leave.

"Hugo, relax" I breathed helplessly.

"How can I relax? How?!"

His red eyes pleaded with me.

I knew what had hurt him most.

"Your mum raised you. She saved you. She's your mum either way."

"My whole life has been a lie! I loved mum and was never really mine!"

"She was and still is your mum" I insisted, wiping tears from under his eyes. "And it seems to me like she loved you the most out of anyone."

He sighed raggedly.

"I don't know."

"At least now you know the truth" I said hopefully. He walked onto the road and kicked some loose rocks from the tarmac.

"It.. It all makes sense, I guess. At least I'm not related to Lacey" he smiled half-heartedly.

"There you go!" I smiled.

But then a blinding light caught the corner of my eye.

"Hugo, move!"


A car that was driving way over the speed limit was hurtling up the road. It rapidly got closer to Hugo, and he stood there like a rabbit caught in headlights.

"MOVE!" I screamed.




It was no use. The car kept going, but at a faster speed.

Hit and run.

I raced down to Hugo. I picked up his shoulders and head, as a pool of blood continued to grow beneath us.

"Hugo? Hugo, speak to me! Please Hugo!" I sobbed.

Hugo's eyes painfully opened.

"Hugp! Oh, Hugo, you're alive!" I breathed in relief. "We need an ambulance. Do you have your mobile?"

"No" he chocked out. Panic filled my veins. Mine was in my jacket pocket in my bedroom.

"Hugo, we need help!" I wept. He tried to lift his hand, but he winced. I took his hand in mine instead.

"I have to go and find someone to help!" I told him desperately.

"Don't go" he breathed quietly.

I bit my lip. I couldn't leave him.

His eyes started to slowly close.

"No, no no no no, Hugo, stay awake" I cried, stroking his face.

"Honey.. That car was going very fast. I can't move."

He coughed and wheezed. It sounded agonizing.

"But mum and James'll find us, we'll get you to a hospital, and you'll be fixed, yeah?"

"I don't think so" he weakly smiled.

Apparently people are very calm before they die.

"Don't go" I sobbed. I rested my head on his. "Please don't go. Please try!"

"I love you, Emily" he said softly.

"I love you too!"

I sobbed harder. It was the first time that we said that we loved eachother.

But then I felt something warm on my face. I looked up, and my eyes widen at the realisation that it was another car.


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