The Accident

When Emily is told she is moving in with a brand new family- She panics. She never fit in anywhere, how is she supposed to fit in with a new family?
But maybe, a Romeo and Juliet fanatic will help her on her way...


34. Chapter 31

Lacey stared at Hugo, Clodagh and I as we walked through the door. She directed her glare at Cloadgh, before focusing on me. I glanced at Clodagh, who was looking down uncomfortably. Lacey rolled her eyes and stroppily walked off.

Hugo squeezed my hand.

"Don't mind her, Clodagh" he said. He smiled at me. "I'm going to go and do some homework." He kissed my cheek and disappeared down the hallway.

I heard Clodagh sigh, and I looked over to see her as the picture of misery.

"You okay?" I asked as I dropped my bag off of my shoulder.

"Lacey hates me. I know she's in the wrong, but I still feel guilty."

I'll take that as a no.

She slid down the wall and covered her eyes with her fists.

I bit my lip and hunkered beside her.

I've bloody torn a family apart.

"Clodagh.. I'm sorry, it's my fault."

"No! No, of course it isn't" she insisted, shaking her head. "You haven't done anything wrong."

She raked her fingers through her sleek, glossy, jet black hair.

"Lacey just always has to stir trouble. Why can't she just accept the situation?"

She rested her head against the wall and sighed in exasperation.

"I'm sorry" I said quietly.

"You're more of a sister than she ever was."

I smiled. I loved Clodagh to bits. She was one of the nicest kids I had ever met.

"You are my sister" I replied softly.

She smiled, but the tears poured down her face.

"Come here" I said sympathetically. I hugged her tight. "You're lovely, Clodagh. Don't you ever change."


Sitting with Hugo at the lake the next day brought a welcoming feeling of me. I missed coming here and getting away from it all.

But Clodagh still played on my mind.

"What will we do about Clodagh and Lacey?" I asked Hugo. He bit his lip. I had previously told him of Clodagh's turmoil.

"Lacey is tricky to deal with. She really doesn't give a damn about Clodagh, but Clodagh's conscience is frail and confused, and she cares about everyone. She has an awful habit about feeling bad for nothing, and worry excessively about people, whilst Lacey is the exact opposite.

I felt really bad for Clodagh. All she wanted was for the air to be clear, but Lacey's behaviour was making life hell for her.

"It's not going to easy" I sighed.

"No. But try not to dwell" Hugo said softly, tilting up my chin. He pushed his lips to mine, and I finally surrendered to my feelings for him for the first time, and I never enjoyed his kiss more.

But as we walked back, I could see that he was distracted.

"Hugo? What's up?" I asked.

He frowned.

"I'm not sure. I just have a bad feeling. Like something bad is going to happen." He paused. "It's strange."

I squeezed his hand.

"I wouldn't worry. It's probably just the thoughts of Lacey in the back of your mind.

"Maybe" he murmured, but he still looked confused.


When we got back, Clodagh was the first to greet us.

"Dinner's just ready. Chicken curry."

Seriously, the kid never seemed to say hello.

"Huddling in little gangs now, are we?" came Lacey's bitter voice.

I rolled my eyes. This was all we needed.

"Lacey.." Clodagh whimpered, her eyes big and pleading, like a puppys'.

"Lacey, no need" Hugo stated in a matter of fact tone.

"Isn't there?!" she snapped. "I'm isolated in my own family because of her!" she spat at me.

I bit my tongue in annoyance.

"You don't have to be isolated" I told her.

"No. No, I don't" she said, her eyes darting to Clodagh. "Do I, Clodagh? You know I'm right, don't you?"

Clodagh looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Leave Clodagh out of this" Hugo warned, pulling Clodagh away from Lacey by her shoulders.

"Why?!" she retorted angrily. "She has an opinion, let's hear it!"

Clodagh shakily breathed.

"I think you should just accept the situation. Then we can all be happy."

"Traitor!" Lacey screamed at her, just as James and mum came in.

Laceys' scream had given me a fright. I found myself clutching Hugos' arm. He tucked me under his arm. Clodagh's lip was violently trembling, so I pulled her over to me, and she held on like a leech.

Hugo first looked furiously at Lacey before rubbing Clodaghs' arm.

"What in the world is going on?!" James bellowed.

I sighed.

What a mess.


Hello people :3 the last two chapters will be going up tomorrow.. I'd put them up today, but I have to go and socialise with people *shudders*

As usual, comments and stuff are appreciated :3


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