The Accident

When Emily is told she is moving in with a brand new family- She panics. She never fit in anywhere, how is she supposed to fit in with a new family?
But maybe, a Romeo and Juliet fanatic will help her on her way...


30. Chapter 27

Hugo, Clodagh, Lacey and I all walked to school together. Hugo and I held hands, and we were equally as tense. I tried to reassure that we'd both be happier this year, but I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that I was lying to myself. I thought I was going to throw up as we approached the school gate.

"See ya's later" Lacey said, dismissing us, to join a massive group of people.

"You'll be grand" Cloadagh nodded, and quickly walked through the hoards of people.

Goodbye must not be in her vocabulary either.

"This is it" Hugo anxiously sighed.

"This is it."

I'm seriously surprised I haven't regurgitated last night's dinner yet.

"Just remember, we have eachother" I said, trying to reassure myself.

Hugo smiled and pecked my lips. We had both agreed that there wasn't any need for a massive amount of affection at school.

But then my heart sank. All I could hear was

"Oh, crossbred got himself a girlfriend! She must be bloody well desperate!"

He sighed and looked down.

"Come on" I whispered encouragingly. "Don't mind them. Head up, and smile!"

He tried his best.

"I can do this with you" he concluded.

"Yes you can" I grinned.


Hugo and I parted ways to find our role call classrooms. When I eventually found mine, I sat by myself in the front. I tuned out as the teacher gave us some form of 'pep talk' for the year. He eventually handed out timetables, and told me where my next class was.

Without any books, the teacher for Science class let us talk. I sat at the front again, twirling my hair with my finger.

And of course, trouble started. A couple of giggly, stereotypical popular girls came over.

"Is it true you go out with a boy in fifth year?"

Lovely. Fifteen year old fifth years. You think we'd be mature enough to welcome a new person in, but no. The gossip comes first.

"Yes" I answered, eyebrows raised. Hugo and I had agreed a long time ago that we would tell people about our relationship. It was going to come out eventually, so there was no point in getting tangled in a whole bunch of lies.

"Would you break up with him to go out with Ian over there?" they asked, pointing behind them.

"No!" I spluttered. "Of course not!"

What is wrong with these people?!

Rejected, they returned to their seats. But a few minutes later, a lanky guy came up to me. The others were looking, laughing. This must be Ian.

What freaking joy.

"I'm Ian."

"I gathered" I sarcastically replied.

"Do you really go out with Hugo Reilly?"

"Yes" I said firmly.

"Not a good idea. He's called crossbred for a reason" he sniggered.

I bit my cheeks in rage, but tried to keep cool and calm. I didn't need another Dean incident on the first day.

"He is not 'crossbred'" I said coldly, using my fingers as quotation marks. "That's a ridiculous, insensitive, made up rumour used purely to bully him.

Ian's expression frosted over.

"You're his step sister, right?"

"My mum and his dad are engaged. Is that a problem?" I challenged.

He smirked.

"Not for me."

He went back to the group that consisted of the rest of the class. They laughed, pointed, stared, made comments and jokes and sniggered.

And the best part was that the teacher saw and heard everything and did nothing.

Let the fun begin.

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