Remember Me?

*Winner of the Love is In the Air Competition* Lily Brooks was a girl who went to a normal school in California. She thought that boyfriends and kissing was gross. But when a boy comes to her school one day, she begins to change. His name was Niall Horan. If Niall moves back into Ireland and comes back years later as a famous singer, would he remember her?


8. Unexpected?

Lily was now at New York City. She had booked a room at a hotel. She tried to find out where the boys were staying at. 

Finally, she found out where they were staying after visiting thirty-nine hotels. 

Lily knocked on their room door. A member of the band came out. Lily recognized him. It was Liam. Liam Payne. 

She said, "Hi, I'm Lily Brooks and I want to see Niall. Niall Horan." 

Liam said, staring at Lily, "Are you a fan?" 

Lily shook her head.

"Not really... I'm a friend of his." 

Liam shouted, "NIALL! Someone wants to see you!"

Lily heard Niall's voice. 

"Ok... Coming, Liam." 

Finally, Niall coming into view. She smiled. She wanted to hug him. It had been years since she last saw him. 

Niall looked surprised to see her, too. 

He walked up to them and said, "Come in, Lily." 

Lily was a bit disappointed because she thought that Niall would hug her or kill her or something. Instead, he walked inside. 

Liam gestured, "Come in." 

Lily walked into the room, falling Liam. The hotel room was huge. Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn were sitting on a huge couch, talking about something. 

Liam said, "This girl says she's Niall's friend." 

Niall said, "She's just a girl I used to know when I was young." 

Lily was shocked. She almost fainted. How could Niall say that? She expected Niall to be missing her, too. But instead, there he was, just ignoring the fact that they loved each other once. 

Harry seemed to notice that Lily was shocked. 

He told Niall, "Are you sure that you're telling the truth? Because she doesn't seem to agree." 

He pointed at me. 

Liam asked, "Do you agree?" 

Lily walked right in front of Niall. 

"Of course I don't agree! You know who I am! I was your girlfriend, Niall James Horan! I was the one who helped you settle in into the United States when you first came to Ireland when you were fourteen! I thought you remembered even though you left me a couple of years later." 

Niall stared at me. 

"I remember, Lily. I know who you are. But it is time for me to change. I am a celebrity now. I have to have girlfriends who are famous. Like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. I can't date with you now... Everyone would laugh at me." 

Lily was crying now. 

"Niall! How could you! I thought you still loved me? Was I wrong the whole time? Did you hate me from the first?" 

Niall turned away from Lily and stared outside. 

"It's time to change... You can go now." 

Lily threw her backpack on the floor and shouted, 

"Keep it! It has all that belongs to you!" 

Crying, Lily stomped out of the hotel room. The boys just stared at her. Niall was staring outside the window, hiding his tears. 

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