Remember Me?

*Winner of the Love is In the Air Competition* Lily Brooks was a girl who went to a normal school in California. She thought that boyfriends and kissing was gross. But when a boy comes to her school one day, she begins to change. His name was Niall Horan. If Niall moves back into Ireland and comes back years later as a famous singer, would he remember her?


2. Niall's Song

Lily walked out of the school. She was trying to find Niall. But it was going to be hard. There were many people near the front doors and even if she found Niall, she was sure that he was going to be surrounded by girls. 

She was right. When she spotted Niall's bright hair, she ran to him. 

Niall smiled. He was surrounded by ten girls. 

Lily went through the girls and held Niall's hand. 

She said, "Let's go, Niall." 

Niall smiled. He hugged Lily and he let go of her a minute or two later. 

All the girls giggled and whispered. Lily knew what they were whispering about. It was obvious. 

'Since when did Lily like boys? And why does Niall like her?'

Soon, the girls started to move away. It was as if they knew that Niall was Lily's. 
Lily held Niall's hand tight as they walked away. 

Niall smiled. 

"Those girls are weird. Thanks for rescuing me from them." 

Lily was relived. She was afraid that Niall would find someone else that he loved. 

She laughed. 

"They like you because you're cute." 

Niall blushed. He smiled and said, 
"I think you're beautiful."

This time, Lily blushed. She wanted to hug Niall. But they were at the middle of a street, so she wasn't going to do that. 

Lily said, "Thanks, NIall. No one else said that to me..."

Niall replied, looking up in the sky, 

"It's because your beauty is special. No one else can handle it." 

Lily asked, "Can you?" 

Niall looked right into Lily's eyes. 

"Of course I can." 

They walked quietly for a while. But they were holding each other's hands. They weren't feeling awkward. They just didn't have anything to say. 

Niall finally said, "My house is right there." 

He pointed at a medium-sized house. It was very colorful. 

Niall said, "It isn't very big, but it is a great house." 

Lily smiled. 

"I think it's beautiufl." 

Niall led Lily into the house. A woman greeted them. 

She said, "Did you have a good day Niall? Who have you brought? Is she your girlfriend?" 

NIall looked annoyed. 

"Mom, she's just a friend. And I had a great day, but it might get ruined because of you." 

Lily was a bit disappointed to hear the she was "just a friend", but she was glad Niall thought of her as a friend. 

Niall led Lily upstairs. 

He said, "Ignore my mom. She's weird." 

Lily replied, "She's okay. I think she's funny." 

Niall led Lily into a room. There were microphones, headphones, computers, speakers, and musical instruments. 

Niall said, "This is my singing room. I practice my singing here." 

Lily gazed around in amazement. 

"It's amazing." 

Niall slammed the door shut and put the headphones on. 

He asked, "Wanna hear some of the song that I made?" 

Lily nodded with excitement. 

Niall did some things to the computer and cleared his throat. 

Soon, Lily could hear the music from the speakers. It was just plain AWESOME! 

Niall started singing. His voice was so wonderful. 


I remember those days when we sat down by the fire. 

I remember those days when we talked together. 

But you're gone and I am left alone. 

I am alone and sad, but who knows how you're feeling. 

You may be feeling happier than ever to meet someone different, 

but I love you. 


If you are happy, I am fine... 

But I wanted to be why you were happy. 

I never thought that you will leave, because I gave my love to you. 

Why did you let me go, 

I thought you loved me more than anything. 

I believed that you will not let go of me forever. 

I guess I was wrong, because you are right there, with another boy. 

Don't let me cry... 


But if you're happy, I will be fine. 

I will love you forever. 

Even though you are at another person's heart, 

you will always be in mine. 


Lily stared at Niall. She was speechless. Never had she heard a more beautiful song or a voice. 

Niall turned red. 

He said, taking off his headphones, 

"It's not complete, but I've been working on it." 

Lily said, "Niall, you're the best singer there ever is and will be." 

He smiled. 

Then, Lily and Niall played with the instruments and sung songs together. When, it was time for Lily to go, Niall took her to her house. 

Lily lay down on her bed, thinking of Niall. 

She'd give anything in the world to let Niall be her boyfriend. 

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