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*Winner of the Love is In the Air Competition* Lily Brooks was a girl who went to a normal school in California. She thought that boyfriends and kissing was gross. But when a boy comes to her school one day, she begins to change. His name was Niall Horan. If Niall moves back into Ireland and comes back years later as a famous singer, would he remember her?


9. Heartbroken

When Lily arrived at her hotel, she lay down at her bed and started to cry. Niall had always been there for her when she was sad. 

Every day, she had met Niall and they had talked about their day. But now, Niall was pretending he didn't remember her. It had only been like four years since she had last met Niall! He couldn't have forgotten her! 

He had told her that it's embarrassing to have her as a girlfriend... 

Was she an embarrassment to Niall? She hoped she wasn't... But Niall had told her that she was special. And that only he can handle her beauty. 

Wasn't that supposed to mean that she was meant for him? 

Lily tried not to think about the past. She had to get over the past. Her friends and her parents were right. Niall had gotten over her. He didn't even miss her!

It was her fault for trying to go after Niall... If she hadn't even looked for him in the first place, she wouldn't even be in this mess. 

She wanted to call Niall, just like she did before and tell him that she still loved him. She wanted to tell him that she wouldn't be an embarrassment to him. 

But she knew that that would only make things worse. Niall would hate her more. Plus, she didn't even know his number! She had his old number, but he probably changed his number. 

She told herself, "Just forget about Niall! He changed! Deal with it, Lily!" 

But it was impossible. She couldn't love anyone anymore. It was only Niall. Only Niall could make her happy and joyful. No one else had that power. 



Niall stared outside the window. Lily... He missed her so much... But he couldn't hurt her... Lily meant too much to him. 

Instead of being selfish and keep her, he decided to let her go. She didn't know what would happen if he got back with her. 

She'll get death threats and she'll never be the same again. She won't be the sweet and joyful Lily. She'll change. She won't be able to go into twitter anymore. She'll see all those hate and death threats. 

Knowing her, she'll try to kill herself. That would be terrible. Plus, he won't be able to see her that much. He has to go on tour and all of that. Lily would always be waiting for him. 

And plus, Lily would be in eternal danger if the world found out that she was dating with him. Lily meant too much to him. 

She was his first love... But he knew that getting back with her would be selfish... Breaking her heart was the only way to keep her safe. 

He wanted to explain everything to her. But then, she'll try to tell him that she'll be okay. And if he gets convinced, it was all over. 

Lily would be killed. And he would be sadder than ever. It was for her safety. He had to stay strong. He shouldn't let the fact that he still loved Lily get out. 

He had to date those "famous people", just to convince Lily that he didn't love her anymore. He wanted to cry. 

He wanted to shout, "I still love you, Lily!! I just want to keep you safe!" 

But he knew he shouldn't. He wanted to run after Lily and explain everything. Something big that had happened during those four years. 

He suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. Niall looked up only to find Louis, staring at him with a confused face. 

Louis asked, "Niall? Are you okay? Can you explain what just happened?" 

Niall wiped a tear away. He couldn't tell them. That would only put them in danger. 

Plus, he didn't want Louis or anyone else in the band try to bring Lily and him back together.

He said, "It's nothing, Louis. Honestly... She's just a girl I used to know...." 

It was hard for him to say those words. He had to hold his tears in. He told himself Conceal it... Don't feel it... Don't let it show... 

If Louis found out that he still loved her, it would be TERRIBLE. One, he'll try to make him call Lily and make all things perfect. Two, he'll ask WHY he told Lily that he was a girl he used to know. Three, he'll be in danger. 

Louis asked, "Are you sure?" 

Niall clenched his fists and said, firmly, "Yes. Don't worry about her. She's just trying to get money." 

Then, he noticed that everyone was crowding over the stuff Lily had threw on the ground. Uh oh... That may just prove that they loved each other! 

Niall shouted, "That's all fake! Just leave me alone!!! Don't you guys know anything called privacy?!" 

Everyone stared at him. 

Louis said, "Guys, let's leave Niall alone..." 

Harry added, "Yeah... I think that's best..." 

When everyone left, I knelt down by the stuff in her backpack. That backpack... He had gave her that backpack when someone stole hers... Every single object reminded Niall of the past... He started to cry as he saw the pictures... 

He could see Lily and him kissing each other. He saw the small teddy bear he had given her for Valentine's Day... 

He was heartbroken... He couldn't keep Lily though... His life... Her life... Would be in danger.... 

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