Remember Me?

*Winner of the Love is In the Air Competition* Lily Brooks was a girl who went to a normal school in California. She thought that boyfriends and kissing was gross. But when a boy comes to her school one day, she begins to change. His name was Niall Horan. If Niall moves back into Ireland and comes back years later as a famous singer, would he remember her?


4. Days With Niall

*A couple of months later*

"So Lils, do you want to come to my house today?" 

Niall was saying. 

Lily replied, "Of course! Why not?" 

Niall said, "I don't know... Maybe you have other stuff after school?" 

Lily shook her head. 

"Niall, you know I don't do anything on Thursdays." 

Mariana came to them. 

Niall said to Lily, "Meet me after school at the front doors okay?" 

Lily nodded. 

"Have a nice afternoon, Niall!" 

Mariana stared as Niall walked off and turned to Lily. 

"So you are going out with Niall Horan?" 

Lily said, "I thought you knew that since the first week he came." 

Mariana crossed her arms. 

"I was just checking. Niall deserves someone better than you, anyway." 

Lily glared at Mariana. 

"What do you mean?! Niall likes me and I like him. That's how it works, Mari." 

Mariana combed her hair as she said, 

"I was just saying. Anyway, I thought you were going to watch Izzy Bobchester and the Karate Master with me after school."

Lily replied, "I never said that I would! You know I hate that show!" 

Mariana shouted, "Maybe I should find a new best friend! A best friend that actually is similar to me!" 

Lily said, calmly, 

"Go ahead." 

Mariana grabbed her books and walked away. 

Lily didn't care. Mariana was being a weirdo. To be more correct, she was a weirdo. Lily was tired of hearing about the boys that Mariana liked, anyway. 

There were girls out there that weren't boy-crazy. 

Lily gathered her books and walked to her next class. 

When class was over, Lily went to the front doors. Niall was waiting for her. Lily hugged Niall for a while. 

When she let go, Niall had a big smile on his face. 

He said, "Wanna go to the cafe near my house? I think it would be better than going to my house." 

Lily and Niall headed to the cafe. 

When they arrived there, Niall and Lily did their homework together. Then, they started to talk about things. 

Lily said, "Do you want to be a famous singer?" 

Niall replied, "Yeah...." 

Lily asked, "Would you forget about me then?" 

Niall answered, "I wouldn't." 

Lily whispered, "I won't, too." 

*Weeks later*

Lily was talking to her new best friend, Kara, about a movie. They got along very well. 

Kara was a popular girl. She had dark brown hair, emerald green eyes, and a little bit of freckles. A lot of boys liked her. 

But she had a boyfriend. His name was Nick Wishwand. 

Lily was asking her, "Are you busy today?" 

Kara twirled her hair as she said, "Nick and I are going to the movies. You and Niall can join us if you want." 

Lily said, "It's alright. I think we will go to a cafe and talk. We don't like movies that much." 

Kara said, "Well, I'd better get going. I don't want to be late! See ya Lily!" 

Lily waved to her. Kara sped off. 

Lily walked out of the school building, looking for Niall. As usual, Niall was looking for her, too. 

Niall ran to her as soon as he spotted her. 

Lily said, "Did you have a great day Nialler?" 

Niall smiled. 

"Of course I did. You make my days shine, Lils." 

They held hands and went to a cafe and talked with each other like other days. And that continued on. 

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