Adopted By Who???

This story is about me, Diana and my twin, Marcel. Read to find out what happens to us when we get adopted.


1. The Orphan Twins

Hey my name is Diana. I have curly brown locks with green eyes. I have a twin and his name is Marcel. He has brown locks with sparkling green eyes. We're both 10 years old right now. We were reading books. Yeah, we are pretty boring for 10 year olds. Marcel is reading me a book about a girl who gets marked by a tracker and she has to become a vampire. I got scared and clenched onto Marcel tightly. He stopped reading. Our parents both went to the store and we were left with this old woman. She is really nice. Her name is Rachael. She prefers being called nana by is because she cares for us. We call her nana. She is 60 years old or so. She is rocking in her chair, knitting. I walk upstairs. I grab my journal and write inside it. This is the only thing that knows all my secrets other than my brother and nana. My parents are usually gone. I bolt down my thoughts in my journal. The journal reads:


Dear Journal,

      It's me again. I heard of a story where a human girl turns vampire. It's really scary. Just imagine being in the hallways and you get marked. Well, I have a secret I've been keeping. Only you know. I lost all my notes. By notes I mean my lyrics and those were private. They were song lyrics but also my diary. If I don't find them soon I'm going to die. Well that's all I have to say for now. Bye journal.




I quickly close my journal and stuff it under my bed as I hear footsteps. I see Marcel in the doorway. He has a sad look on his face. I walk up to him.


“What's wrong?” I ask.


“They d-died,” he says.


“Who?” I ask.


“Our pa-arents,” he says.


“We have to go to an orphanage?” I ask. He nods. We cry into each other's arms as we won't be here any longer. We walk downstairs to see our nana. She cares for us so she'll take care of us now, right?

“Diana, Marcel you have to got to the orphanage,” nana says.

“Why?” I ask. Nana is just sitting there with a blank expression.

“Well I'm old and soon I might pass on. I just want you to get adopted by someone who could live up to see you marry,” she says. I nod.

“I'll go pack then,” I say walking upstairs

“Marcel let's go,” I say. He followed me. We quickly pack. This would be the last night in our beds. Well, today we sleep here but then we're leaving to the orphanage in Cheshire.

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