Adopted By Who???

This story is about me, Diana and my twin, Marcel. Read to find out what happens to us when we get adopted.


2. Orphanage

Today we were leaving. I woke up, lazily, and walked to the bathroom. I quickly, but carefully, brushed my teeth and hair. I walked back to my room and grabbed some skinny jeans, a long sleeve shirt, a black varsity jacket, and my favorite black vans. I walk back and lock the door behind me. I strip out of my clothes and fix the temperature. I shower and dry off my wet body. I step out of the shower and then I dry off, changing into my outfit. I walked out of the bathroom and into my ex-room. I'm going to miss this place but at the same time I won't. I had happy memories here like when I had Cassie. R.I.P. Cassie. She died when we were walking and there was this gang and they shot her. She was my first friend not to mention my sister. Well, not really but she always had my back and I could talk to her about anything. I also had bad memories, including when Cassie died. The worst memory I had here was when my mum was pregnant but the baby died and yesterday. We were all devastated but everything happens for a reason and he/she is in a better place now, right? I try to always think positive but my parents did die yesterday. How could I not take that harshly? I was snapped back into reality when Marcel walked into my room.

“C'mon we have to go now,” he said in his British accent. I nod and grab my, not so small, suitcase. I walk downstairs with my suitcase in my right hand. I walk to Marcel, who is looking around.

“I'm really gonna miss this place,” he sighs

“Me too,” I sigh. I walk to the taxi that came to take us to the orphanage. Well, here goes nothing. I hop in and Marcel follows me in. When we get to the broken down orphanage. I pay the man and walk into the orphanage. When I do all eyes fall on me. I feel like the center of attention and I hate it. Why can't I be looking at the center instead? Oh yeah because I'm an orphan. I have to let it go that I'm an orphan. Guys eye me up and down while girls glare at me. It's the opposite for Marcel. Guys glare at him and girls eye him up and down. Guess we're already fitting in huh? Note the sarcasm. Anyways I walk to the front desk and an old woman looks up.

“May I help you?” she asks.

“We're Diana and Marcel Jackson,” I say.

“Oh yeah. Follow me,” she says leading us to our rooms. Marcel's room is across from mine. When I walk in I see five beds. Well I guess I have four roommates then huh? Great. Again sarcasm. I sigh. I unpack my stuff, which isn't much. I guess this is my new “home” then.

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