Valentine Miracle

Liliana has had no body caring about her all her life. Not even her parents. But that may all change with Valentines day just around the corner.


1. Just Another Day?

'Why would I look for something in something else, when I see everything I want in you?'

I read for the hundredth time today. 

I found the note taped to my locker this morning, not knowing who it came from. I didn't know why until I remembered today was no other than Valentine's Day.

Like I would know though. No one has ever given a kind or helpful thought towards me. Why would they now?

It was probably just all a prank from one of those kids who always make fun of me. Probably Louis Tomlinson. The SASS MASTA  of the school.

If this not was true, I hope it wouldn't be from some nerd dude like Stan Lucas. I'd like it to be from my like crush forever, Liam Payne.

He wasn't that popular, but he was still WAY to good for me. He is too good to be true.

My friend Emily Walker (she is a nerd to) talk about him a lot. But for some unknown reason she likes Louis. Yah, he's cute, but I couldn't put up with all the pranks that he pulls.

His best friend Harry (Hazza) Styles is fine with it. I don't know how though. Ugh. Whatever.

I stuffed the note in my bag because I just didn't want to think about it.

But then I remembered all the days when I have woken up, and my parents weren't there.



It was my 9th birthday and I woke up, excited to be a year older. I found that my parents weren't home. Just some lousy nanny. I think her name was.........Abby? Yah Abby.

They didn't even leave a note, and they didn't tell Abby that it was my birthday. I got no presents and no cake. Not even a bit of ice cream. It was devastating.


I can't just keep thinking about everything. 

I got up from where I was sitting on the ground and decided to go get my math notes to study. When I got there, someone was waiting. My locker neighbor, Niall Horan. Also Liam's best friend for like ever. There was also someone else. Zayn I think it was.

I decided to just go get my math notes ASAP. But then they stopped me.

"It's Liliana, right?" Zayn asked, trying to make himself sound concerned. I wasn't convinced.

"Yah." I mumbled and I was about to leave but then Niall decided to open up is yap hole.

"Liam has talked about you nonstop." Niall spoke. He had to be messing with me. I felt my cheeks go red. THIS IS ALL A SETUP I screamed at myself. But I couldn't help but have a hint of hope that he might like me.

Then I heard an unforgettable voice come from behind me.....................Liam's.

"What ya doing Niallinator?" I love it when he uses nicknames. Only if I could be called his baby.

"Just talking to Liliana" Niall replied.

Ugh, this might be awkward. I don't know why, but it will be. Trust me.

"Oh, did you tell her" He whispered to Niall, but I could hear. I have learned to keep quiet a lot. So that made me hear better.

"Nope." Niall accidentally said out loud. Hahaahahahahahahahahahahaaaa!

"Oh well, say it." Liam urged Niall then walked away.

NOW I was curious. 

"Ok. So because Liam is such a chicken, he wanted me to tell you that he put that note on your locker. He was gonna give it to you last year, but like I said. He is a chicken." Wow. This must be a joke.

"Is this some sort of trick?" I questioned seriously but shockingly.

"Nope. He really wants to be your boyfriend. But like I said. CHICKEN!" hahahaha Liam was sort of chickening out I guess. But that doesn't change nothing.

"Okay. That's nice." I said, searching for the correct words carefully.

"So, do you want to?"he questioned.

"Do I want to what?" I shot back.

"Be his girlfriend?" Man, all these questions.

"Sure." I said without giving another thought. Maybe someone does care after all.

                                                                                  after school

Liam and I walked hand in hand to his car that day.


That was 6 years ago and now, I am dating Niall.

After Liam broke my heart. But don't worry. We are great friends.


We are throwing a huge party for today. Valentine's Day.

It has changed our lives so much.





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