Me and you

What happen when niall sister Emily horan like Louis and Louis like her too. Will they go out ? Or willl there love fall apart ? In order to find out ,Emily will tell her love left with you and what will happen and stuff


2. the lads

emily Pov

We were at the airport and good thing no one saw niall ."Emily say hi "niall said ."hey "I said like okay .they hug me and we went to the airport .i took a seat at the plane and put on my earphones on and put music in my phone . The first song came out was the story of my life by one direction. I look at Louis , he was so cute .i wish he ask me out , he look at me and smile . I turn around , I guess I was staring to long at him . He walk were I was sitting ,"hey love "Louis said ."hey ,do you always say love ?"I ask but not in a rude way ."yea ,sometimes I do and sometimes I don't "Louis said .i was falling asleep .i woke up in Louis chest ,"Emily wake up ."Louis said while waking me up."were here "zayn said while walking out the plane


Sorry it is super short because I ran out of ideas and yea love you all .

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