Me and you

What happen when niall sister Emily horan like Louis and Louis like her too. Will they go out ? Or willl there love fall apart ? In order to find out ,Emily will tell her love left with you and what will happen and stuff


5. should we tell niall

Emily Pov

I woke up and I did not see Louis . I got up from my bed and freak out . I walk out of my room and went down stair . I saw Louis and the lads ,"hey , how are you guys doing "I ask ."good "all of them sang . "Niall can I talk to you ?"I ask nerves ."sure"niall said .We walk to my room ,"what would you do if I date Louis "I ask ."will , it would be weird if you date my best mate ."niall said ."okay then"I said , I was dad but I did not show it . We went down stair , "hey Emily " Zayn said .i just staid quick . "Is everything okay ?"Louis said . I took my breakfast upstairs . I can't belive I can't date Louis . I know he is my brother but I am 19 I can take care of myself . Louis came in my room ,"hey are you okay ?"Louis ask ,in a care voice ."yea it's-" I stop I could not tell him ."tell me Emily "Louis ask angrily ."it's because niall does not want me to date you " I said sadly . I could not hold it I started to cry .louis lift up my chin and made me look into his eyes ."it does not matter ,I love you and we could secretly date ?"Louis ask ."oka-"I was cut off by Louis , he lean in and started to kiss me . We were kiss until niall came in my room

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