Me and you

What happen when niall sister Emily horan like Louis and Louis like her too. Will they go out ? Or willl there love fall apart ? In order to find out ,Emily will tell her love left with you and what will happen and stuff


3. New York

Emily Pov

I woke by Louis , "sorry I sleep in you chest Louis "I said it in a awkward voices ."no it's okay I like it"Louis said while smirking . I got up and walk out the plane and so did everyone , there wear securities because the fans found us . So there was a path , and we wear walking and I heard "ew look at her why is she with them "one of he fans said ."ew look at her she is so fat ,ew""ew she looks like she came from the dead .i cry in silent . We finally arrived to the limo . "Is any one hungry "niall ask while looking at me ."we are "the lads said excepted me . "I am not hungry "I said it with like a normally voice . "Are you sure , you always hungery ."niall said ."ya I am not hungry, can you guys drop me of to the house and you guys go eat ."I said ." Sure why not "Harry said .So we went to the house and I put my clothes in the closet and they left , I sang titiaum . I love that song . I took a quick shower while the lads are eating at nodas,nia fav place to eat

10 min in the shower

I put on my sweats and a loose white shirts . I don't know why but I love loose t shirts for some reson . I look at my tweet and tweet the the pic of me and nialler , and I tweet me and my brother .i got fav and retweet like in a thunder striking . Also there we're mean comments ,

Mean come moments

Ew look at her she is fat

Ew she look like she has not shower for weeks

I bet she smell like a hobo .

I cry I could not hold it in any longer , in a few moments I feel asleep . While I was sleeping I hade a nightmare


Ew look at her she is fat "Louis said while pointing to me ."I know right she look like she has not whash her clothes for days "nial said while laughing ."I bet her min did not even like her "Zayn said ."I bet her dad too "Liam said .i stated to cry .

End of night mare

I woke up by yelling "LOUIS " I yelled . Louis ran I my room and ask me what happen " sorry I did not mean to wake you up I hade a night mare ."I said "it's okay love ,will I will be heading back . "Louis can you stay with me "I ask while blushing ."sure"Louis said he lad down next to me and he said good night and kiss my forhead "good night Louis "I said but I kiss him in the mouth ,he kiss back and we were kissing."u -um sorry I did not mean to "I said ."it's okay , hey I want to ask you something ?""sure "I said "while you be my girlfriend ?""yes Louis " I said and we kiss and we sleep , it was a long day

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