*Jeff The Killer love story*
Marley's life was attacked by a serial killer. He would do anything to destroy it. But soon finds that he can't.


8. Chapter 8

"Hey Rebecca. Want to have a sleepover?" I asked her over the phone.
 "You make it sound like we're in 8th grade," she snickered.
 "Well do you?"
 "Sure. I'll be over in twenty."
 I clicked the end call button and set the phone on the counter.
 I planned on telling Rebecca about Jeff. This all just felt too big to keep to myself.
 I waited for her on the couch, nervously tapping my foot.
 Honestly, I expected Jeff to appear at any moment.
 And by the time I heard Rebecca's erratic rapping on the door, he hadn't.
 "Hey," I smiled.
 "I brought ice cream." She held up two tubs; vanilla and cookie dough (my favorite). "I know how much you love sweets."
 I smiled warmly at her.
"I also brought all of the Paranormal Activity movies. I'm not in the mood for scary but figured you were."
"Please," I scoffed, "you call those scary?"
 She gave me an annoyed look before dumping the movie and ice cream on the counter.
 "Okay, so I'll call in for a pizza and you can do whatever Marleys like to do." She reached for the house phone and I stopped her by placing a hand on her arm.
 "Actually... I have to talk to you about something."
 "Oh no... Those words will strike fear into the heart of any American. Don't tell me... You no longer feel the urge to watch Dirty Dancing and dance simultaneously." She pretended to reel in horror and put a hand over her mouth.
 "Come on. This is serious."

 "That is serious. It's a horrible occurrence and they have fund raisers to help the cause."
 I glared at her until she said, "Okay, okay, what is it?"
 I swallowed noticeably. "You know how my dad was killed?"
 "You mean brutally murdered by some psycho who will burn in hell? Yeah, what about it?"
 I cringed at her words. "Yeah..... I know who did it."
 Rebecca's eyes widened and her voice came out in a high pitched whine. "What?! Why didn't you tell anyone? Did he threaten you? Look, Marley, the police can protect you and get this creep locked up!"
 "Rebecca, it's a lot more complicated than that..." I looked down at the ground and felt my eyebrows furrowing.
 "How is it more complicated than that? Marley, he killed your dad."
 "I know! Which is what makes it complicated!" I snapped, looking up at her.
 Her eyes widened and she seemed to have some sort of realization.
 "You-" She stopped, oddly unable to finish.
  I saw her jaw clench and she closed her eyes for a moment.
 Finally, she gathered herself and looked up at me. "He killed your dad, Marley. What's wrong with you? I'm telling the police."
 She stormed to the door.
 "No! Please, he'll kill you!" I lunged forward and grabbed her arm.
 She turned her head to stare at me. Anger and a small portion of sadness building up in her eyes. "Are you threatening me? I thought we were friends. Of all the years I've known you, I never thought you would be a selfish, cold-hearted monster." She ripped her arm from my grasp while I stood in shock, unable to move. Rebecca turned her back to me and reached, again, for the doorknob.
 As she turned and pulled it, I heard a familiar voice say, "Now, is that any way to treat a friend?"

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