*Jeff The Killer love story*
Marley's life was attacked by a serial killer. He would do anything to destroy it. But soon finds that he can't.


7. Chapter 7

        "Marley, it's time for you pills." The nurse shook me awake. I sat up and swallowed the pills without the water she offered.
        "When can I go home?" I asked.
        "Well, if the doctor okays it, today." She smiled at me, warmly.
        I chewed the inside of my lip. I had only been in the hospital for a day (not counting the day I had been been in) but it felt like much longer. I was anxious to leave. 
        I finally returned her smile and reached for my book on the table beside my bed.
        "He'll actually be in to talk to you in a few minutes." The nurse said before leaving.
        The doctor had told me it was okay to leave and Rebecca had come to get me.
        "Well, one good thing out of all this; you get to skip more work." Rebecca said, sliding a One Direction CD into her radio. I gave her a half-hearted glare and stared out the window.
        Rebecca had suggested she spend the night with me, but I refused. 
        I sat on the couch, flipping through TV channels. Sleep was the last thing on my mind. 
        I sat with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders and Zoey curled at my feet. I lazily alternated the channels between Friends and George Lopez. Several times, I had jumped, hearing thumps from somewhere in my apartment, only to find nothing there.
        Finally, at 3 am, I forced myself to go to my room to sleep.
        When I opened my eyes the next morning, I felt strangely comforted.
        I tried to sit up, but felt my self being restricted. I looked to see an arm wrapped around my waist. Jeff laid, asleep, right beside me; so close I could feel his warm breath on my face. I prodded him awake.
        "Morning, Poet." He yawned and pulled me closer to him. I blinked in surprise as he nuzzled his face into my chest.
        "Um...what are you doing here?" I asked. 
        "Sleeping." His voice was muffled.
        "I mean: what are you doing in my bed?"
        "Sleeping." He murmured again, sitting up and staring at me.
        I glared. "You know what I meant."
        He laughed, then pushed me to lay back down as he leaned over me. I blinked in surprise as he ran his thumb, gently, over my cheek.
        "I don't think I do." He whispered. My eyes widened as he leaned down and kissed me. 
        The man who had murdered my father and tortured me mentally.

        *Jeff's POV*
        I kissed her, feeling her stiffen beneath me, but still I pressed on. Finally, she relaxed into the kiss, wrapping her arms around my neck and pushing up against me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and brought her closing to me, as she knotted her fingers in my hair. 
        I left a trail of kissed down her neck. "I love you." I whispered between each time I pressed my lips to her skin. 

        *Marley's POV*
        I was kissing back. Why? This man tortured me. Killed my father. He was a murderer. So why was I kissing back?
        I mentally sighed and pulled away from him. He leaned forward to continue the kiss but I stopped him with a hand to his chest.
        "What's wrong?" He asked, staring intently at me. I sat up and held my head in my hands.
        "'re a murderer." I wasn't looking at him but could feel his eyes boring into me.
        "I'm sorry." 
        "Sorry doesn't fix the fact that my dad's still dead."  I said, sadness finding it's way into my voice. Jeff laid his hand on my shoulder. I flinched.
        "I made a mistake. I was confused." He said quietly, pulling his hand away.
        "That's too big of a mistake, Jeff." I whispered.
        He stood, his expression now unreadable. He walked to the window in three long strides.
        "Jeff, please. I can't constantly be worrying if you'll kill someone I love." I said, grabbing his arm.
        He laid a hand on my cheek. "It's who I am." Then he let go of me and was out the window.

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