*Jeff The Killer love story*
Marley's life was attacked by a serial killer. He would do anything to destroy it. But soon finds that he can't.


4. Chapter 4

        Someone was banging on my door.
        "Come on, Marley! Open up!" I heard them say. Slowly, I dragged myself off the couch and to the door. Rebecca and David both stood in front of me as I opened it. Rebecca had a look of anger on her face, whereas David had one of sympathy.
        "You can't mope around for the rest of your life!" Rebecca said, pushing past me into the apartment.
        "Can I at least have time to grieve?"
        "It's been a month. Your dad would have wanted you to get back to your life." She said with more compassion, placing her hand on my shoulder.
        "You don't know what he would have wanted because he's dead!" I snapped angrily, though you could still hear the sadness in my voice. She took a step back, startled. Rebecca took a look at David for something to say. He looked down at his feet. "Do they have any ideas on who killed him?"
        "No leads." I said, quietly. I hadn't told about Jeff. That would only make everything worse. But now I had to deal with knowing exactly who killed my father and there was nothing I could do about it.
        "They'll find whoever did it, Marley." David said to me. I gave him a small smile and nodded.
        "This is your last day of moping around. Tomorrow, you're coming back to work." Rebecca said, firmly, then walked back out the front door. David gave me another sympathetic smile before following behind her.
        I sighed and closed the door behind them, then went to sit back on the couch.
        I hadn't seen Jeff since the night he killed my father. He probably wanted to space out my loved ones' murders so I wouldn't have time to heal my mental wounds. I expected him any day now. I wanted to stab his own bloody knife into his chest, but at the same time, wanted to just curl into a ball and cry. Who would he kill next? I put my head in my hands.
        "Your friends certainly are persistent." I heard the familiar deep voice drawl from behind me. I grabbed the knife I had hidden under the couch cushion and jumped up. "You!" I snarled and walked swiftly up to him, placing my knife against his throat.
        "Going to kill me, poet? You don't have it in you." The smirk on his elongated lips made his eyes seem brighter.
        "Try me." I growled and pressed the blade harder against his skin. His Adam's apple bobbed against the stainless steel and he narrowed his eyes.
        "What would the police say if they found a dead body in your apartment?" His usual smirk was gone.
        "Absolutely nothing. 'I was defending myself. I think that man was the one who killed my father.' Shall I add a couple of tears at the end just for good measure?"
        He stared at me for a moment, then began to laugh. I felt my confusion sweep over my facial features.
        Suddenly, I was twisted around backwards with my own knife pressing hard against my back.
        "Don't think you can take me on and survive, Poet." I felt him whisper in my ear. His warm breath tickled my skin and I shivered. My arms were bent at awkward angles and beginning to ache. I struggled to pull them out of his grip, which only made him hold them tighter.
        "Don't struggle in quicksand, you'll only sink faster." He sang against my ear.
        "What's the saying here? Don't struggle, you'll only kill me faster? Go ahead. Kill me." I spat. Without warning, he released my arms and I fell forward. I twisted my body around to where I was looking up at him.
        "You're forgetting the point of all this. My job is to torture you, mentally. Then, when you have nothing else to live for; I'll kill you. Then."
        "Or you're just too scared to do it now. Come on, Jeff. What's holding you back?" I stood and glared at him. He looked surprised. Then the same expression that had come over his face so many times before (but I had never been able to place) was there. And this time it stayed.
        My mouth dropped open when I realized what it was. Jeff frowned and looked away.
        "You're sick." I whispered. He looked at me and gave me a small smile.
        "You kill my father, threaten my friends, constantly torture me, and you have the nerve to-" I was cut off my him kissing me. My breath caught in my throat and my eyes went wide as he cupped my face in his hands and brought it closer to his. I was too shocked to move as he glided his lips against mine.
        Finally, the shock went away and I ripped myself away from him. I stared into his wide eyes and slapped my hand across his face. He stared at me and then raced for my door. I stood for a moment before following him. I walked into the room just in time to see him disappear out my window.

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