A new beginng (Niall horan Fanfic)

This is a story about A girl named Rachel who meets her idols.. One direction. But what happens when Niall and Rachel start having feeling for each other.. What will Rachel's dad think and what will the rest of the bad think


1. Rachel's character description

Rachel's POV

Hi I'm Rachel Summers. I'm 17 years old I'm about 5'8, my favorite band is one direction. It's my life dream to meet them. My mom passed away when I was 12. I have a little sister Lily and a little brother Tyler. They are both 4 years old. My dad loves us all but he can get protective. He didn't like my ex-boyfriend James. Stupid bitch cheated on me. With my bestfriend. I have straight brown shoulder length hair.

Sorry it was so short.. It was basically what she looks like and what her family is like.. Anyway vote comment and share and like. I will try and update tomorrow

-Nikki (short for Nicole)

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