Lilies and a Whole Lot of Trouble

It's Valentines Day at Hogwarts and a certain Gryfindor Quidditch Captain is going to be even more persistent than usual.


6. 5


Another update? It's finally here. I had fun writing this! Game on. Let the best man win. Comment below on which 'Ship' you think should be Canon in this. I'll reply but this isn't a competition so it'll be a surprise for all on who wins!



Severus picked a piece of grass out of the ground and began gently peeling it apart like one would a banana. The bits falling from the blade floated slowly to the ground. When he had shredded the grass to pieces he picked up another one. He looked at the huge tree towering over him as he picked his way through another blade. Despite the fact that he was upset he still felt guilty that he was missing class. 

"Damn Potter," he mumbled. Flopping back, a plume of all the grass he had clipped exploded in to the air like a cloud of dust and settled themselves on his Hogwarts robes. "Damn him."

Lily frowned at him from under the willow tree. She had her red hair in these pretty plaits with ribbons and Severus had to bite his tongue incase he said anything stupid like, "you look beautiful."

She was getting cross at him of course because he was being a prick. Severus felt bad as soon as he said it.

"What's you're opinion of 'muggles'?" Lily had asked.

Severus had thought for a moment. Then he'd replied with the first thing that came to his mind. "They're stupid. Not that you're stupid but you don't count. You're a witch now."

Lily was humphing now. "That's mean."

Severus knew that. He took her hand in his hand and rested his head back against the dewy grass. 

"Not all muggles are stupid. Have you heard of Albert Einstein?" Lily said.

"No. And so, therefore, my point stands," Severus argued.

Lily wasn't impressed. She wriggled her hand free and folded her arms across her chest. "That doesn't make it right," she mumbled. 

Severus said nothing. He had no need to. Lily was there, beside him. That's all he needed. Someone who loved him.




James shrugged when the professor asked him some stupid question about a stupid potion. This was what Snivellus did best. He gritted his teeth at the thought. Snivellus Snape. He knew very well what that pricks feelings were for his Lily. He didn't like it one bit. 

"James?" the professor repeated the question.

James sighed and managed to think up a plausible answer which the teacher seemed happy with. Then he went back to contemplating. He couldn't let Snape win. He couldn't. Lily was his. And he loved her. 

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