Lilies and a Whole Lot of Trouble

It's Valentines Day at Hogwarts and a certain Gryfindor Quidditch Captain is going to be even more persistent than usual.


5. 4

Author's Note: And you probably thought I wasn't going to update. XD


The next couple of days were a festival of varying of emotions. Snape seemed more distant than usual, keeping to himself and often residing in the library. James had his head in the clouds for what seemed like hours until, of course, he had Quidditch practice. And the Marauders seemed restless for some reason.

Lily felt like the tension between the Slytherin and the Gryfindor was growing more intense as well and not just because they were the two opposing houses in the next game. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat and smiled at Snape across the table, in the study hall. Her hand fiddled nervously with the bracelet Snape had given her. His head emerged from the book. There was a small smile on his face as well. Before she could even utter a word, Snape had ducked his head back down again. Lily was totally confused about what was going on. 

The teacher on duty wandered past them, glancing at all the students to make sure they were keeping quiet. When they reached the end of the hall and paused there for a moment Lily took this chance to strike up a conversation.

"Severus," Lily said quietly.

Snape didn't look up, but Lily could tell he was purposely ignoring her.

"Severus," Lily repeated.

Still no reply.


No reaction in the slightest.

Lily leant back in her chair with a frown on her face. She decided to leave it for the time being.




Upon her third attempt to talk to Severus, Lily began to wonder if her kissing James on the cheek had anything to do with it.

"Severus?" Lily asked tentatively. She missed her friend. 

Snape pushed past her and made his way over to the Slytherin table.

She fixed her eyes on the plate of food in front of her. Through the sea of red and gold and blue and silver and green it was very hard to make out one single person. Despite her best efforts Lily just couldn't see him at all.

"Why bother?" James shrugged. He sat himself down next to Lily. The marauders joined him, organising themselves so that Lily felt like she was being confined. "It's a lost cause that one."

Lily looked at James with mixed feelings. Slight anger. Sad. And awe at his boldness. Had he seriously said what she thought he'd just said? She stood up shakily and left her dinner where it was.

"Lily flower?" James raised his eyebrows. "Are you okay?"

Lily blinked a few times and headed up to the Gryfindor girls dormitories without a word. Upon arrival, she shut the door quietly and flopped onto her bed. Her head felt fuzzy as she crawled under the covers. Despite James obvious dislike for Severus Lily was beginning to wonder what would happen if she started dating James for Snape's sake of course. She wondered if that would finally bring peace to Hogwarts. 

Dismissing the thought, Lily gently pulled off the bracelet and placed it on her bedside table. Then she fell asleep dreaming about a small, black haired boy walking up to her on the swing.




I feel so bad guys. Sorry for this super late update. So, anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. The drama! The suspense! XD

I hope to get another streak of inspiration soon for another chapter. Perhaps a bit more Jily in the next one. This chapter turned out to be a bit more Snily than I'd originally planned.

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