Lilies and a Whole Lot of Trouble

It's Valentines Day at Hogwarts and a certain Gryfindor Quidditch Captain is going to be even more persistent than usual.


2. 1

Lily Evans absolutely hated Valentines Day. For one, it meant a certain handsome Gryfindor Quidditch Captain was even more insufferable than usual and two, a certain handsome Gryfindor Quidditch Captain was even more insufferable than usual. She had lain in bed for the first hour of the day and contemplated whether or not to go down to breakfast. Then she'd spent another twenty minutes slowly getting dressed and gathering her books together. Lily found out over her many years of experience that if you don't wake up till eight then everyone else will be gone by the time you're ready. At least, that's what it seemed like to her. She was glad that this was the case since she had a very good reason for not wanting Valentines Day to arrive. During her first year at school Lily had ignored James and vis versa but by the time New Years came around James seemed to have grown an infatuation for her. It was terribly unfortunate and annoying since she didn't return the feelings. I mean, there was a certain level of respect hidden deep down but Lily had never thought about going down to Hogsmeade with him. She frowned and shrugged her bag onto her back. It was far too quiet. Even though everyone had supposedly gone it was still too peaceful. Calm. As she was pulling on her blazer and exiting the Common Room she spotted something sitting at the fireplace. Someone to be exact. Lily hesitated and took quick steps towards the door.


Thank Merlin. It wasn't Potter. Lily relaxed and brushed her red hair out of her eyes. “Morning.”

Remus was probably the most sensible out of the Marauders. Lily had never quite understood how he'd gotten mixed up with their lot in the first place. He belonged yet he resembled a jigsaw piece that belonged to another puzzle. He definitely wasn't the most handsome (neither was Peter for that matter). With slightly shaggy yet neat feathery brown hair and kind brown eyes he was more puppy-dog cute than anything else. Remus shut his book and smiled. “Better watch out. James is on the prowl today. Not that he usually isn't.” He laughed.

Lily groaned. “I'd better start practicing my hexes. Anyway, why are you back here?”

“I need to study.” Remus held up his parchment to show her his many notes.

“Oh. Yeah. Me too...breakfast first.” Lily had forgotten about the Potions exam that afternoon. “Aren't you dutifully dragging your friends to study as well?”

“Nope. It's a special day for them and thus I'm going to be nice on them and let them face the consequences of not studying this time.”

It was only fair. Perhaps James would be considerate enough to give her enough time to skim through her books herself. If he didn't? Well, that would be counted as unfair.




During Transfiguration Lily tried to ignore the white lily lying on her desk and especially the small note that came with it. She swore that James actually enjoyed annoying her.

“Hey,” James smirked while Professor McGonagall explained how to transform a chair into a horse and cart.

Lily forced down the urge to throw the stupid flower to the floor and stomp on it. “Go away.”

“Aw come on. It's Valentine's Day. Feel the love.”

“You'll feel my fist in a moment,” Lily mumbled.

“What's that?” James' smirk had grown to the extent of reaching his ears. He was seriously having fun! Lily never understood what James could have possibly been thinking.

“I said: you're nice for considering me but I'm still and will never be interested.”

“Don't believe it.”


“You're not gonna talk are you?”


“Alright. I'll leave you alone.”


And as soon as the class ended Lily slipped out and made a beeline for a quiet spot she knew where she could finally be alone. It was this big tree that towered high into the sky and the branches split and made a giant canopy of leaves. In Autumn the leaves were gorgeous gold and red hues. Since it was winter all the leaves looked almost grey against the bleak sky. That day there was something unusual about it. It could've been the tall, stringy boy standing by the trunk with his greasy black hair falling across his shoulders. Lily stopped. Why was Severus here?


Severus jumped as if he hadn't expected Lily to arrive. He smiled somewhat nervously at her. “Hi,” he murmured.

“What's wrong? Are those idiots bothering you again?” Lily could never fathom why anyone hated Severus. Sure he was in Slytherin but that was just stereotypical. He was actually rather sweet.

Severus shook his head. “I was just- I mean...I wanted to, um, give this to you...” Severus shoved a book towards her. Lily, slightly taken aback, took it. When she opened it there was a small bracelet with a silver flower lying on the first page.

“It's sort of a thank-you present,” Severus said quickly.

“It's pretty. I like it,” Lily smiled. “Thankyou.”

Severus's pale face reddened slightly and he scurried past her.

Lily held the bracelet in her hand for a while before putting it on her wrist. Poor Severus. She had a feeling that he might like her but she felt guilty that she couldn't return it. That's when she heard the boyish laughter and she rushed off with her eyes flashing menacingly. When she neared the courtyard she recognised Snape hanging upside down in the air and the four boys surrounding him. Peter was cheering them on, Remus didn't seem that interested in what was going on but the other two boys, James and Sirius, were laughing hysterically. Lily was so angry that she couldn't say anything. In fact, she couldn't find anything to say. “You arrogant, selfish, low-life, self-serving, egotistical, pricks,” Lily managed.

The laughing died down. “Is everything alright my dear lily-flower?” James asked placidly.

“No. What the bloody hell are you doing?” Lily clenched her fists.

“Teaching Snivellus a lesson. Going around and talking up my lily-flower,” James explained.

Lily could not believe her ears. “Your lily-flower. Your lily-flower? I am not your anything!”

“Told you she'd be angry,” Sirius grinned.  

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