I'm sorry.

Zayn Malik was in over his head, he bit off more then he could chew, how ever you want to say it. He was in trouble, and now he was going to drag everyone he loved down with him.


1. I'm sorry.

I fell to the floor with my arms wrapped around my body as sobs escaped my lips. I looked up through tear filled eyes as they hauled his cold, stiff body through the door. How had this happened? Just three days ago he was laughing, playing, and just being his usual innocent self. He never did anything to harm anyone on purpose. Ever. So why were his almost lifeless eyes staring up at the ceiling, and his mouth open, gasping for air. How could fate be so cruel? More importantly, why?

***Three Days Ago***

I bolted to the cover of the trees, suppressing laughter along the way.

"Ready or not here I come!" Niall shouted, soon rushed footsteps could be heard. "Found ya Li Li!" He squealed.

The voices faded off into the distance as I made my way into the woods. I gulped as I realized the woods were quite dark. 'Way to use your brain, Zayn.' I scolded myself. My eyes darted around until I saw a field with bushes, and larger trees. But most off all, it was bright. I quickly ran to the field, and dove for cover into a large bush.

"He wouldn't go in there, too dark." I faintly heard Niall say.

I grinned as I heard them run the opposite way.

"HARRY I FINDED YOU!" Both Niall and Liam squealed at the same time causing me to chuckle, those two were definitely something else.

I don't know how long I laid under that bush, but from the stiffness in my body, and the setting sun. It had to be over an hour.

"Come out, Zayn! You're the last one!" I breathed a sigh of realized as Nialls voice drifted towards me.

Immediately, I squirmed my way out from under the bush. Then took off at a sprint out of the woods. But stopped as I saw the boys standing with their backs to me. With an evil smirk, I locked my eyes on a particular blonde leprechaun. I silently crept toward him, once I was about five inches away from him I let out a war cry and wrapped my arms around Nialls waist, tackling him to the ground. Niall yelped, and the boys turned toward us shocked. I had twisted myself so Niall landed on top of me, instead of me landing on him. Mostly because I was afraid I'd crush him. Niall and I landed with a thump that knocked the wind out of me. I laid there for a minute gasping and gazing into his breathtaking blue eyes. A smile spread across his face, then the only thing that can make my stomach envelop in butterflies escaped his lips. Laughter. To be more specific, Nialls laughter.

"Oi mate you scared me!" Niall said still laughing relentlessly.

After a minute or two I joined in. Niall had that laugh or smile that could brighten your mood, even if you were in the worst of moods. One smile, giggle, laugh, or hug. And you won't even remember why you were upset. That's why I loved him.

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