I'm sorry.

Zayn Malik was in over his head, he bit off more then he could chew, how ever you want to say it. He was in trouble, and now he was going to drag everyone he loved down with him.


2. Chapter Two

We all walked out of the park laughing, and cracking one joke after another. I watched as Nialls eyes lit up, and wrinkles formed by his eyes as he laughed. How he clutched his stomach, and had to lean on someone once he started laughing to hard. How he could barely control his laughter once he started, how it was almost impossible to get him to stop.

"I... I... Can't.... St...stop.... Laughing..g!" Louis screamed, as he leaned on Harry who was also laughing, but mostly at Louis.

Out of habit I pulled my hood closer to my face as we came to a crowd of people. I heard Niall whimper, and without thinking, I stepped closer to him. I noticed he was shaking slightly as people started yelling. Thankfully, Louis had calmed down, and was now briskly walking at my other side. All of us kept our heads down, and formed a tight, yet not too tight circle around Niall. Knowing how he got. But then the worst happened. Liam tripped. He landed with a thud, causing people to turn around, a few people gasped, and others screamed. Harry quickly helped Liam up, and I grabbed Nialls hand, trying to ignore how soft it was, and how right this felt. All five of us bolted to the nearest building as a crowd started forming around us. I noticed Niall had gone pale, and was shaking as people started throwing questions at us and taking pictures. I squeezed his hand for reassurance but almost lost his hand as someone pulled on my jacket causing me to stumble backwards. I quickly yanked my jacket free, groaning as I heard it tear. But continued struggling through the crowd to Niall, I saw him in the middle of a bunch of our girls, shaking and trying to pose for pictures, but too scared to even breathe right.

"Niall!" I called and elbowed my way in.

I felt someone grab my left hand, and I tried to yank it free, but I must of pulled it wrong because I heard a pop followed by pain coursing up my arm. I screamed in pain and immediately brought my hand to my chest, trying to fight back tears. Biting my lip I fought toward Niall, and grabbed his forearm. He jumped and looked at me wide eyed, but relaxed slightly as he saw me. Together we fought our way through the crowd until we saw the entrance to the ice cream parlor. Once inside, I fell into a chair cradling my hand that was bent at an odd angle. Niall came up to me still slightly pale.

"Are you ok?!" He asked looking at my hand with wide eyes.

I just nodded and locked eyes with him.

"Are you ok?" I said through clenched teeth, as I tried not too scream from the pain of my wrist.

He glanced at the massive of fans, that Louis, Liam, and Harry were still fighting through. By this time, some security from the hotel across the street had gotten there and were helping.

"I'm... Fine.. I just don't like crowds.. At all.." He said then fell to the ground sobbing.

I gasped and jumped up, I wrapped my arm around him, and tried not to touch anything with my hurt hand. He sobbed into my shirt, while I glared at a few paparazzi who had the nerve too take pictures of us. One even smirked.

"Shh shh Snowflake, you're ok. You're ok. I'm here, no crowds. Just me. Calm down before you make yourself sick." I said trying to calm him.

"How... How am I suppose to l...live this li..life with clause...claustrophobia?" He sobbed and I felt a rock settle in my stomach.

"I don't know... But I do know you need to calm down." I said calmly.

As soon as he calmed slightly, Liam Louis and Harry came in, as well as the sounds of screaming fans. And paparazzi. Niall started shaking again, and I wrapped my arm around him tighter.

"You three ok?" I asked taking in their appearances.

Louis was missing his jacket, and his shirt was ripped. Liam was missing a shoe, and had a claw mark on his face that was bleeding slightly. Harry had a slight limp, and his hair was all messed up.

"Remind me to never listen to Louis when he says let's go out without security." I sent a slight glare at Louis who was looking down slightly ashamed.

"Sorry. Are you two ok?" Louis asked looking at us worriedly.

I looked at Niall, then at my hand, wincing.

"Peachy." I mumbled as Liam and Louis walk over to us.

Harry limped over to a seat and sat down, grimacing. Louis gently took Niall to the bathroom to get cleaned up, almost instantly I felt like a piece of me was gone. I was awakened from my thoughts by pain as Liam touched my hand.

"Ow!! What the bloody.." I bit my lip, and glanced at a few little girls practically squashed against the glass.

I made a pact with myself when we first started becoming famous, that I wouldn't swear in front of our girls. I just glared at Liam who poked and prodded my hand, with a quizzical look on his face. After about five minutes of this he pulled away.

"Looks like it's broken." My mouth dropped.

"No bloody freakin way!?" I screamed at him as anger bubbled inside of me, I knew for a fact, my hand was broken.

He looked at me shocked, never once have I snapped, let alone exploded at any of them. I looked away still fuming.

"Sorry. Can someone just call Paul and get us out of here?" I mumbled. I was so done. All I wanted was to get back to the hotel and sleep this nightmare away.

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