I'm sorry.

Zayn Malik was in over his head, he bit off more then he could chew, how ever you want to say it. He was in trouble, and now he was going to drag everyone he loved down with him.


11. Chapter Ten.

Day three- Early morning

I don't know how long I laid there sobbing, screaming every time some one touched me. I wanted someone to hold me, tell me it was going to be ok, like my mum had. But every time someone touched me, pain would once again course throughout my body. I felt my body slowly slip into unconsciousness, but stopped as someone grabbed my hand slowly, as if scared. I bit my tongue to hold back a scream.

"Zayn, love, please. Talk to me. Open your eyes, let me see those brown beauties." I faintly heard Nialls pleads, and at his request, tried to peel my eyes open. But I was too tired, the.. Whatever that was... Drained me of all energy, just to breathe was troublesome.

"Can't...." I breathed out hoarsely and licked my lips slowly as I realized they were quite dry.

"Sshh it's ok, thank you for trying love. Are you thirsty? Do you want something to drink? Water perhaps?" He asked quietly, most likely scared if he talked to loud he'd trigger another fit. All I could give him was a small nod as an acknowledgement to his question.

I felt him let go of my hand, and immediately, I felt cold. I tried once again to open my eyes, but failed.

"Can you sit up?" I heard Nialls voice, but it sounded wrong, almost scared.

"Possibly." I grunted, then unwrapped my arms from around my legs, and put them underneath me, attempting to push myself up but fell back down onto the mattress with a faint whimper. "No."

"Try again. Please." Niall begged, causing my senses to become on full alert.

"You ok, love?" I asked, once again trying to open my eyes. But they stayed sealed tight.

"Try again!" Niall commanded, his voice laced with fear.

At his request, I once again tried to push myself up. But got the same result. "I can't. I'm too weak." I wheezed, at a loss for breath.

I strained my ears, trying to detect any small sounds like I had been trained. I heard the soft pad of footsteps in the room above, I heard my own rapid thumping heart beat. As well as Niall's rapid, shallow breathes. But what I heard next scared the shit out of me. "Perfect." A gruff voice, that was all too familiar, a voice that belonged to Jackson, Miguel's right hand man.

I soon felt arms wrapped around my waist picking me up off the bed and what I assumed was placed so I was facing Niall. I screamed, and cursed, trying to get free, but too weak and quickly used up my energy.

"I'm not going to lie Malik, I'm a little disappointed, I was looking forward to a fight. But I guess the poison worked well, and your little blonde toy will have to do." I growled and forced my eyes open, even if it was only a crack. It was just enough to see two men, -both taller then me, and have more muscles, as well as a military cut hair,- drag Niall out. Their hands over his mouth and the other arm over Niall's torso, dragging his kicking body out of the room. His blue eyes wide open and tears falling from his eyes.

"No! Let me go! Dammit! Jackson! Let me go!" I screamed trying to get free, as he threw me back onto the bed, and quickly straddled my hips, then pinned my arms above my head. I felt my heart thud to a stop, and my breath catch in my throat.

"I've been watching you, ever since you left. I've watched as you grew in your success, your dream! I've watched as you grew closer, and closer to that blonde. The whole time waiting. Waiting for the perfect time." He said with a large smile, then firmly planted his lips on mine. I felt my eyes widen, and I writhed underneath him, arched my back, did anything to get free. But I couldn't, he was stronger then me, way stronger.

I felt fear start to creep into my veins as he made his way from my lips and down my neck. I stopped moving as he grabbed both of my wrists in his one hand and started undoing his belt.

"You bastard. You sick sick bastard." I spat and fought against his grasp. But he was too strong.

"Sshh, love, no need for that language." He whispered right next to my ear, making my skin crawl. "I promise it won't be quick." He said cockily as he smashed his lips back onto mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth.

I heard running footsteps coming into the room then a chorus of gasps followed by silence. I tried to look past the black hair of Jackson, but couldn't. I fought against him some more, ignoring the fatigue quickly overcoming me. Jackson started grinding our hips together as I felt his quickly growing bulge through my pants. His free hand slowly travelled to my side, and shoved his fist into my bullet wound causing me to yelp around his lips, and bring tears into my eyes. Then Niall's wide eyes and tear stricken face flashed into my mind, only fueling my anger. I fought against him until I heard thudding foot steps then a gasp and Jackson being thrown off of me. Soon three pairs of worried faces appeared above of me, as I gasped for air, I tried to sit up but couldn't move. I wasn't sure if it was from the poison or the shock of almost being raped, or the fact my boyfriend was just kidnapped and I was lying on a bed paralyzed. I forced my heard to the side where I heard skin on skin and gasped as I saw Liam straddling Jackson's hips and repeatedly punching him in the face, although looking like he had taken quite a few blows him self. I watched as blood started bubbling up from Jackson's mouth, then as he started coughing, choking on his own blood.

"Liam... Enough.." I wheezed but Liam continued punching him, his face as red as Jackson's blood covered face. Then time seemed to slow as Jackson's head lolled toward me, and his lifeless eyes stared back at me. "Welcome to the club." I whispered.

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