I'm sorry.

Zayn Malik was in over his head, he bit off more then he could chew, how ever you want to say it. He was in trouble, and now he was going to drag everyone he loved down with him.


7. Chapter Seven

Day two- Morning

I woke up with Niall in my arms, which may I add, is one of the best feelings in the world. We were currently spooning, and he had a slight smile on his lips.

"Zayn.." He mumbled as my eyes widened.

He was dreaming of me? I suddenly felt butterflies erupt in my stomach, I started peppering kisses along his jaw and down his neck. I stopped right below his ear, and started sucking, knowing that was his sweet spot. I sucked and nibbled lightly, smiling as a moan escaped his lips.

"Z..Zayn.." He said as his eyes cracked slightly.

"Yes, love?" I asked innocently.

"That has to be one of the best ways to wake up." He said turning his head so he was staring at me.

I started to kiss his lips, but pulled away gagging.

"Your breath is horrid. Go brush your teeth." I said coughing and pushing him gently until he got off the bed laughing his ass off.

I stopped coughing and watched him walk away, my eyes travelled to his bum, and I felt my lips twitch up into a smile. While he was brushing his teeth, I got dressed in black skinnies, but not super tight skinnies... Like Harry's.. Along with a black muscle shirt, I turned around as I heard Niall come out and felt my jaw drop, for he was walking toward me in just my shirt. No pants, no boxers.

"S..snowflake?" I stuttered trying to look at his eyes as he came toward me.

"Yes, Zaynie?" He asked, coming toward me and trailing his fingers up my chest. Causing me to gulp.

All I wanted to do was throw him onto the bed and do some not too gentlemanly things. But I forced myself to stand tall and look him in the eyes.

"What... What are you doing? We need to l..leave?" I attempted to sound stern but it came out more like a question.

I bit my lip as his hands trailed to the waist of my jeans, he hooked his thumbs in my jeans and pulled me toward him, smashing our lips together. Immediately our lips morphed together and we stood there practically groping each other. I sucked on his lip asking for entrance which he granted quickly, I felt excitement explode inside me as our tongues fought for dominance, me winning. I explored every inch of his mouth, I smiled and used the tip of my tongue to tickle the roof of his mouth. He broke away shocked, causing me to laugh. I hissed in pain as he slapped my side.

"Oh my gosh Zayn, I'm so sorry!" He said coming toward me and lifting my shirt up to see my side. "We need to change your bandage." Niall commented, causing me to groan.

"But I wanna do something else." I complained, adding a wink at the end.

I laughed as Nialls cheeks went bright red.

"Well boo hoo, you need to get your bandage changed, then we need to meet the other lads downstairs." He said sticking his tongue out.

"Meanie." I said as I pulled my shirt off so Niall could start.

"You still never told me what happened." I stiffened at his voice. "I just want to know if you're in trouble, that's all." I immediately felt guilty at the worry evident in his voice. How could I be so selfish, as to make him worry? Why was I so stupid to think that we could have a normal relationship?

"I'm fine." I lied right through my teeth, he seemed to hear the lie cuz he tightened the new gauze around me, I once again hissed in pain.

"Don't lie to me." He growled, causing me to sigh.

As soon as he was done, I put my shirt back on and turned to him.

"I'm in some... Things" I gulped but shook my head, "but I can take care of it ok. I just need you to not ask any questions, ok?" I asked cupping his now pale face.

"Zayn. Wha...." He was cut off by a knock in the door and I immediately stood up with Niall behind me.

I walked toward the door motioning Niall to stay put. I looked out and let a sigh of relief escape as I saw Paul. I opened the door and motioned him in.

"You lads ready?" I looked over at Niall who gave me a look that said 'we will talk later.'

"As ready as we'll ever be." I said with a smile, I had always hated these interviews, the interviewers always questioned the topics you didn't want to talk about.

"Good. Good. Zayn how's the hand?" He said looking at my cast that looked like it was naturally red.

"Erm... Good, can we go?" I asked.

He just nodded, Niall stood up but immediately kneeled back down.

"You ok?" I asked rushing to his side, he looked at me with red cheeks and that's when I remembered he was only in my shirt, a certain something clearly visible.

I forced down laughter and got up, I ruffled his blonde hair and walked to Paul and slung my arm over his shoulder.

"Snowflake has to finish getting ready." I said as I walked out, him in tow.

"But I thought you guys were ready?" He asked suspiciously, I just shrugged.

"Guess he needed to wee." I said nonchalantly.

Paul just chuckled shaking his head.

"That leprechaun is something else." I laughed nodding in agreement, this he was.

I looked behind me as I heard a door closed and saw Niall running toward us, wearing my black sweater that said 'smart' I smiled to myself at how big it was. As soon as he was by us he jumped onto my back. I let out an 'oof' and stumbled forward.

"Oi, lo...mate" I corrected myself "how much do ya weigh, has to be at least 200." I teased and he just scoffed.

"Ha ha very funny." He said, and I could tell he was smirking.

I walked to the elevator with Niall on my back and Paul laughing at us.

"People would think you two were together." He said, and me and Niall just laughed nervously.

We rode the rest of the ride down in an awkward silence.

"Giddy up Malik!" Niall yelled as soon as the doors were open.

I bolted out and met the boys who were standing by the door, as soon as they saw us, they burst into laughter.

"You two are certainly something else." Louis said, and I scoffed.

"Ya. We are." I said emphasizing 'we', and winked at him and Harry.

They both looked at each other then gave me a weird look.

"Ya know, the walls are pretty thin, and we hear everything." I teased once again emphasizing 'everything'.

To my surprise, both of their eyes widened, and Louis' cheeks reddened ever so slightly while Harry looked down at the ground. I was about to question them when Paul finally got to us, the mood changed from playful to serious instantly. I put Niall down, but stood close to him. The other boys formed a circle around us, while security and Paul formed a circle around them. I looked over at Niall who had gone slightly pale as he stared at the hoards of fans outside the hotel.

"You boys ready?" Paul asked, and Liam answered for all of us.

With Paul leading the way, we walked through the doors, and out into the warm summer air. Screams were coming from every direction, somehow one girl snuck through both circles and had gotten a hold of Niall, he let out a surprised yelp, and immediately I sprang into action. I grabbed the girls hand firmly, yet gently, and yanked it off Nialls arm. I then put Niall on my other side as security and the boys tightened the circle around a now pale and shaking Niall. I noticed his chest rising and falling quickly, and his eyes darting around, as well as him jumping often. He was having a panic attack, I looked around for Paul and found him at the head of the circle. I took a step toward him, which brought me within arms distance of him, the only thing separating us was Harry.

"Paul!" I shouted trying to get his attention as Harry flinched as I was right by his ear.

He glared at me but thankfully grabbed Paul's arm, which caused him to turn toward us. I mouthed 'panic attack' which thankfully, he understood. By the time I was back by Niall word had spread throughout our small circle and we had sped up. Within a minute we were in a blackened out SUV and were on our way. I sat next to Niall, who had gotten a window seat. With my arm around his shoulders, he slowly calmed down. Once he was completely calmed I tore my eyes off him, I wish I hadn't. For I saw Liam not completely glaring, but not just looking. All I could tell is, he knew. He knew about me and Niall, and I couldn't help but feel it was my fault.

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