I'm sorry.

Zayn Malik was in over his head, he bit off more then he could chew, how ever you want to say it. He was in trouble, and now he was going to drag everyone he loved down with him.


5. Chapter Five

Niall and I were currently cuddling in his bed while watching Finding Nemo, well Niall was watching Finding Nemo, I was watching him. I watched how he bit the inside of his cheek when Nemo was taken from his father, how he would suck his lips into his mouth during an intense part, or how he would roll his eyes at Dory. All in all, it was adorable, he really was the cutest leprechaun. In all honesty, I didn't know if we were official, or what. But I didn't care, as long as I was able to have him in my arms I was happy. I saw Nialls eyes start to flutter close but, then he would force them open.

"You tired, love?" I asked even though I knew the answer.

"Wha.. Oh.. No.." He mumbled as his eyes started to close again, causing me to chuckle.

"Let's go to bed." I said and started to get up, but Niall pulled me down by the waist of my pants since I was currently shirtless.

I landed on my back, and Niall hovered over me with sleepy eyes.

"Can... Can you sleep with me?" He asked as his cheeks turned red.

I chuckled and pecked his lips gently, so this was almost a Spider-Man kiss. I always thoughtvthat would be awesome. I was right.

"Of course, lemme just go set the alarm on my phone." I said and got up.

I walked to the nightstand by my bed and looked at my phone and saw I had five unread messages.

'Call me now. -Thomas'

'Dude, seriously it's important. -Thomas'

'Hey, how's your hand? -leyumm'

'Are you and Nialler hungry? -Lou'

'That blonde toy is quite the looker, it'd be a shame if something happened to him now wouldn't it?' The last was an unknown number, but I had a guess as to who it was. Miguel.

I walked up to a now fast asleep snowflake, I kissed his forehead gently, then stared at his angelic face with a rock in my stomach.

"I'll be right back, love." I whispered, then walked out of the room, then the hotel.

I walked to the edge of the lake that bordered the hotel we were staying at. I took a deep breath and pressed call on Thomas' contact.

"Hhhm?" I heard Thomas' groggily voice on the other end and had to hold back laughter.

"What'd you need?" I asked and I heard his bed creak, I assumed he was getting up.

"Zayn? What the hell it's like four in the morning!" Thomas complained, I was about to argue but remembered the time difference.

"Shit, I'm sorry mate. I completely forgot about the time difference." I heard Thomas sigh on the other end.

"Whatever. I'm assuming you know about the target on Nialls back?" Thomas said and I stiffened.

I knew Miguel threatened him, but I didn't know it was official. Thomas was the only other person besides Liam who knew how I felt about Niall. Thomas was like a brother to me, he had been there for me, and we both escaped Miguel's clutches together. Yet we are still harassed daily, for reasons we barely knew.

"I didn't know it was official." I said grinding my teeth.

"Oh, well it's official, and I wouldn't leave him alone. Mitchell said Miguel was pretty set on putting a bullet between his eyes." I growled slightly at his words.

"Thanks. I need to go." I said and hung up afraid of what Id say.

The next phone call, was the phone call I dreaded. It was to Miguel. After three dial tones, he picked up.

"Ah, Zayn, how are you? I hope you're well." I could practically see the smirk on his face.

"Cut the shit Miguel. Leave him out of this. It's between me and you, he has nothing to do with it." I growled.

I jumped slightly as I heard a thud on the other line.

"Wrong!" He roared. "He has more to do with this then you will ever know." He said venom dripping off his every word. "Oh and Zayn, he looks so peaceful while sleeping."

I stiffened and immediately looked around.

"Where the hell are you?" I said while looking around

"Oh, Zayn, you think you would of learned something in those seven years you were with us." He said clicking his tongue.

Suddenly a crack filled the air, and a chunk of wood flew off a tree to my left. I gasped and threw myself on the ground. I quickly army crawled to a tree as four more gunshots rang through the air. Once I was at the tree, then and only then did I stand up. Another rang through the air, and I had to bite back a scream as a piercing pain went through my side. I grabbed my side in agony and sank to my knees. Although this wasn't the first time I had been shot, it still hurt like hell. While holding my side with my bummed hand, I put my good hand on the tree and used it to support my weight. I stood up slowly, cringing as pain coursed through my body. I groaned, but peeked my head out from the tree. Two more shots rang through the air and I quickly put my head behind the tree. I leaned against the tree and pulled my hand away from my side, I immediately regretted it as I saw the once green cast, was now red. I moaned, and looked around for my phone. I silently cursed my self as I saw it inches from the lake. I looked for an escape route and felt hope fill me as I saw quite a thick tree line. With my head down, I ran, actually more like speed walked due to my side, toward the closest door. As soon as I was in the open three more shots rang through the air, a few just missing. I felt my heart start to slow due to blood loss and I glanced down at my side and saw blood dripping past my casted hand. I felt hope fill me even more as the door was only a few feet away, my head whipped to the side as I heard the screech of tires. And I saw a plain white van with the windows blocked out.

"Original much?" I scoffed.

I felt the blood drain from my face as three guys jumped out of the van and blocked the entrance. I quickly back pedaled and looked for another entrance. I technically wasn't scared for myself, but for Niall. I needed to get back to him. I was awoken from my thought as the one guy swung at me, but I dodged easily. I screamed in pain as I felt the flesh on my back rip open, I stumbled forward slightly, but whipped around to see the biggest of the three holding a now bloody knife with an evil grin on his face. Had everyone suddenly gone deaf? Or did they just not care? I mean if I heard multiple gunshots, then a scream id at least call the cops.

"Back off." I spat as two of the three guys tried to corner me.

I was quickly losing blood from my bullet wound, and now the knife wound. Out of the corner of my eye I saw, at the moment, one of the most beautiful sights id ever seen. A door. Knifey swung at me but I just barely dodged, then the third guy kicked while middle man reached. I managed to punch the third guy, and knee middle man. They were currently both on the ground cradling one part or another. Without a second thought I sprinted as fast as I could into the hotel. Once there I closed the door, which thankfully had the key locks, and not the old fashioned ones. Therefore unless they were guest at the hotel, they couldn't get in. I limped to the private elevator that led to the floor me and the boys were staying on, just the few seconds it took for me to get to the seventh floor, I was swaying and feeling like I was going to pass out. Thankfully, my room was rather close to the elevator so it didn't take long to get to it. Once I was at my door I knocked, for I was afraid I would fall if I tried to open it myself. I heard movement on the other side then quiet.

"Snowflake? It's me, let me in." I whispered, starting to see black dots. "Please love, I need inside." I said warily glancing around me.

I few seconds later I heard a gasp on the other side of the door, then it quickly opened to reveal a pale and wide eyed Niall. He quickly but gently grabbed my arm and pulled me inside. I whimper as he pushed me on the bed, so I was laying on my back.

"What the hell happened to you?" He screamed and I shot up to cover his mouth but ended up sinking back to my knees due to the pain.

"Doesn't matter." I panted. "Just please. Get me the first aid kit.

Niall thankfully listened, and got me the kit.

"Za..Zayn, are you in trouble?" He stuttered obviously nervous as to what the answer was.

I couldn't meet his eyes, as I was to ashamed of the answer. The answer was yes, I was in very much trouble. Trouble that could get me killed in a second if I gave Miguel the chance. I was awoken from my thoughts by a stinging in my side that drew a yelp from my lips. I looked down at my side and saw Niall cleaning my wound. I stared at all his features you wouldn't usually notice, like small almost invisible freckles that cover his cheeks, the way his eyebrows arched then furrowed together when he was concentrating, or how his tongue just barely came out of his mouth and you wouldn't notice unless you were trying to memorize every detail. Which I happened to be doing. I realized he must have felt me staring cuz redness started to creep up his neck, then filled his cheeks.

"Why are you staring at me?" He asked, just barely glancing at me.

"Well one it distracts me from the pain" I said and as if on cue pain shot through my side and I had to bite my tongue to stop from screaming, "and two because if I could I would push you up against that wall and suck your face off. And possibly more." I finished with a wink which caused him to blush a brighter red.

"Well I just might want you to push me against the wall and possibly more." He mumbled

I felt my stomach do flips at his words.

"R..really?" I questioned in disbelief.

He giggled as he looked away from my bullet wound to stare at my eyes. "Really." He said as he pecked my lips.

A/N daww so ya at first I hated myself for writing this then I was all like yyayyyy. Anywho what do you think my pringles? Yay or nay? Lemme know in de comments 😋😋 oh ya you're welcome for it being so long ;)

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