I'm sorry.

Zayn Malik was in over his head, he bit off more then he could chew, how ever you want to say it. He was in trouble, and now he was going to drag everyone he loved down with him.


12. Chapter Eleven.

Day three-Late morning.

I stared with saddened eyes as Liam repeatedly punched the corpse of Jackson, his fogged eyes seemingly staring into my soul. Taunting me, claiming his death was my fault. If I would have stopped Liam, he'd still be alive.

"Liam get off him.." I said hoarsely, my throat aching. But, of course, Liam didn't answer, didn't slow in his punches, didn't stop breathing heavily, muttering curse after curse. "Paul stop him." I said, and immediately, Harry and Paul jumped to action. Forcing, a screaming and kicking Liam up, and pinning him against the wall to get a better grip. I watched with a tight chest as I recognized this, because I was that once. I remember being so angry, and filled with hatred that I didn't care what I did or who I hurt.

"Lou. Help me up." I said looking up at Louis and saw him staring at Liam with sad eyes and the occasional tear slipping from his eye, but thankfully he complied and helped me up. With his hand on my back and neck, I slowly was sitting up and against the headboard.

I looked back at Liam to now see him barely struggling, but still panting, I watched as precious minutes ticked by, each second he seemed to calm until eventually he sank to his knees sobbing.

"Oh Liam." Louis cooed and walked to his side enveloping him in a hug as Liam just stared down at his bloody hands.

"I'm a murderer, a fucking murderer. I'm no better then those gangs who go around killing people." He said, and somehow, I knew that comment was directed for me.

I slowly felt the effects of the poison waring off, making me realize how truly exhausted I was.

Day three- Afternoon.

After three hours, the poison wore off and I was able to move again, although my joints still ached, and popped occasionally. But I was up and tracking routes on a map spread across a table.

"You really should be sitting down." Harry said as he tried to lead me back to the bed, but I yanked my arm free and stared up at him, furious.

"Shut the fuck up. I'm not stopping until I find Niall, God knows what they're doing to him at this very moment. If... If anything happens to him, it'll be my fault." I said turning away as I felt tears start to form in my eyes as I imagined what kind of pain, both mentally and physically, he was going through at this very moment. I blinked a few times as tears filled my eyes and everything got blurry. "Damn it." I swore and wiped my cheeks with my sleeve.

I felt anger develop inside of me as I realized how weak I was being, how I was letting my emotions control me. I gripped the top of a wooden chair, watching as my uncasted hand turned white. I pushed the chair away from me, causing it to fly across the room with a loud thud.

"Where the hell is he damn it?" I asked no one in particular as I began pacing the small room yanking at my hair.

"Zayn. Calm down." Paul said as he came up to me and grabbed my shoulders, forcing me to stay in one place.

With a growl I grabbed his hands and forced them off of me roughly. "No! I'm not going to calm down! Niall is somewhere, God knows what happening to him and all you people can tell me is to fucking calm down! How the hell can you claim to be his friends! A father!" I said glaring at Paul. "Brothers!" I screamed shooting glares at Liam, Louis, and Harry. "You know what, I don't have time for all of your guys shit, get out. Just get the fuck out." I said lowly as I walked back towards the table and stared at the map. Leaving the four shocked people to stare at me wide eyed and mouth agape.

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