I'm sorry.

Zayn Malik was in over his head, he bit off more then he could chew, how ever you want to say it. He was in trouble, and now he was going to drag everyone he loved down with him.


8. A/N

Ok guys, I need a girlfriend or boyfriend for Liam. Anyone interested? If so lemme know with the following information

Name: (example: George, Alex, Franklin, Doctor (;) any whovians out there?))

Gender: (ex. boy, girl, monkey, cow)

Age or wanted age: (ex. 2, 4, 6, 8, WHO DO WE APPRECIATE?)

Hair color: (ex. black, red, brown, blonde, orange)

Eye color: (ex. blue, brown, green)

Personality: (ex. caring, brave, funny, artistic, idiotic)

And anything else you'd like to say about yourself: (ex. your favorite thing to do, favorite song, why you want to be with Liam, or that you're a unicorn.)

K thanks! Bye now! Remember I need to know, so tell me in the comments!! Or kik me @writerdrawer

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