"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons." {Christopher Poindexter}


5. T W O

Copyright © 2014 Izzy S.


"Water," Harry croaked, his throat unimaginably dry. His body felt scorched, his mouth parched. He couldn't even open his eyes - they felt as if they were glued closed.


His ears picked up on a sound - a fumbling, and then footsteps in his direction. Fingertips touched his cheek, brushing away the hairs that strayed onto his face. The hand then cupped his face, and he felt a glass being brought to his lips.


When the water hit his lips, they immediately parted, and he leaned back, allowing for more of it to pour into his mouth.


It was as if life had been poured into him; his hand came up to take control of the large cup, swallowing every last drop in the cup. He sat up, opening his eyes and wiping away his lips.


"More," Harry gasped, staring at the empty glass.


A pale hand took the glass from him, and turned around and walked away from him silently.


Harry watched curiously as the hooded figure walked away from him with the glass, wondering who it was.


When the person with the cloak came back, they handed Harry a now full glass of water, and he gladly accepted it.


The figure's face was hidden behind a hood, but Harry got the feeling that it was a woman, especially because the hands were slender, small, and snowy pale complexion.


When he finished the glass of water, this time slower than the first, he pushed off the thick blanket that covered his legs. "Who are you?"


The cloaked figure didn't answer; Elsah wasn't sure how to reply. Who was she, really? So instead of answering his question, she asked him one of hers.  "Why did those men attack you and leave you to die?"


"You didn't answer my question." He states.


"And you didn't answer mine." She counters.


A grin cracks on his face, revealing the dimples in his cheeks. "True, but I asked you first."


She stepped closer to him, her hands coming up to the head of her cloak. Slowly, she brought down the hood, unveiling her face.


Harry let out a small gasp, his lips parting. Before him stood a Half, her appearance just like he'd read and heard so much about.


Pale lilac eyes, sprinkled with violets and blues, and even pale greens, and her hair was straight, a platinum color. Her eyebrows were only a few shades darker, and her skin was snowy.


The only thing that differed from his books were the lavender purple tips at the bottom of each strand of her platinum hair, something that only added to her supernatural beauty.


His eyes traced down her body, and he could see her curves underneath the dark clothing. He was a man after all, and he was no exception when it came to awe over her beauty.


She says something, and Harry snaps out of his staring, his eyes coming back up to her eyes. And that's when realization fell over him. "You're the one that saved me? I remember your eyes." He says softly.


She nods, and then turns away to keep herself from staring, walking up to the small beaurau dresser. "Why did they attack you? Did you anger them?" She felt worry for this beautiful stranger human, with his hard set jaw and eyes the color of jade.


Harry finally stands up slowly, but not without pain. He wanted to be closer to the Half, to see her face again, to allow his eyes to feed on her beauty. "Something like that."


"You humans shouldn't be so careless when going outside like that. Human life is fragile."


"And you're not human?" He asks, although he knew the answer to his question.


"Somewhat." Elsah smiles.


"What do you mean?"


Elsah pauses, and turns to look at the strange man whom she'd saved. "Uh, Mr. -"


"Harry, call me Harry."


"Harry," Elsah smiles, and continues. "Have you ever heard of Halves?"


"No," Harry lied, even though he knew every single detail, every nook and cranny, every single thing about a Half.


"Well, Halves are half human. As the name suggests."


"And the other half is?" Harry questioned, still playing clueless.


"Don't I get to ask you a question?"


He chuckles, but then stops when it causes a deep pain from within his chest. "Fair. Shoot."


The corners of Elsah's lips pull up into a smile, and she brushes a lock of platinum behind her ear and out of her face. Although she would never admit it, she liked that bantering between this attractive human and herself. "Tell me why you were attacked."


Harry's smile drops, replaced by a frown. "That isn't a question."


"Well, what do you want me to ask, then?" Elsah banters.


Harry grins despite the sudden excruciating  ache from his left shin. "I want to ask you more questions, honestly. So you're half human, and half what else?"


"Quite the curious one, aren't you?" Elsah teases, and then puts her hands down on the bureau dresser to steady herself. She felt dizzy, almost naseous, and Harry took notice immediately and put a hand to her waist to steady her. "I'm half-human, half...well, not quite an angel, but something like that." She explains, and brings a hand up to her head.


"Are you okay?" Harry asks, concerned. "And what do you mean by not quite an angel?"


Elsah slowly exhales, and closes her eyes to stop the room from spinning. "I'm fine, I just lost a lot of...blood. And I meant that it's kind of like what an angel would be, if they were to exist. But that's only half of me."


Harry's lips part in surprise when realization finally settles in. "Wait - you said you lost a lot of blood - hold up, you gave your blood to me to save me after the attack! Didn't you? That's how you saved me! It all makes sense now!"


Elsah slowly nods her head, and screws her eyes shut tighter, trying to end the dizzy spell. "It's not a big deal, really. You would've died without it."


"Why did you do it? You must've given me a lot if you're feeling faint. You should lie down."


"No, no, I'll be fine, Harry."


"I insist."


Elsah pauses, biting the inside of her cheek. After a few moments of hesitation, she finally agrees. "Okay, you're right."


When he helps lead her to the bed, she pulls out of his grasp. "No, the bed is for you, Harry. I'll lie down on the couch."


He doesn't protest, and just helps her to the couch. When Elsah lies down, Harry takes one of the extra blankets from the bed and covers her.


"Thank you, Harry."


He nods. "I never got your name, by the way."


"Elsah. My name is Elsah."


"Elsah." Harry repeats, the name strange on his tongue. "Elsah. Well, rest well, Elsah. You never told me why you helped me, however, we can talk when you're better."


And with that, Harry limped back to the bed, and closed his eyes to rest off his injuries.



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